Two and multi-tool saw-katana

New Friday’s collection will certainly please fans of multi-purpose tools and fans of the strange but useful things in the economy. Two unusual multitool and a strange saw, which resembles either a braid, the famous Japanese sword.

The Kool Tool Belt


The belt — thing is really useful. This is an interesting accessory that can help you maintain pants, and complement your appearance. But The Kool Tool Belt adds to the simple functionality of the plaque belt a number of useful functions multitool flat. Besides being able to tighten the nuts and bolts of different diameters and sizes, the tool can open a bottle of beer to clean your nails, clean up the wire from the shells and to be used as a scraper for aggravation of a stick or ruler in inches or centimeters. The Kool Tool Belt manufactured by the canadian company Bison Designs. What is the obvious advantage of this tool? It’s not functional, but awareness of the fact that you could make a simple belt buckle is not in vain.

The Kool Tool Belt is made of stainless steel and looks very reliable. The price is low — about twenty dollars. The cost depends on the length of your belt.

SOG Power Assist Multitool


Another brainchild of a company called SOG SOG Power Assist Multitool has a very impressive functionality and stylish matte black design. In fact, this multitool is one of the most functional tools on the market multitool with extension blade knives using a spring mechanism. In it you’ll find: glogovce, crimper, nail file with three types of granular surfaces, can opener, wire cutter, large flat screwdriver, medium Otvertka pen, small flathead screwdriver, a screwdriver with Phillips head, ruler, strap, pliers, bench and a number of different useful gadgets.

Multitool is available in two colors: silver and matte black. SOG Power Assist Multitool is made of stainless steel and coated with special powder coating. The estimated cost of multifunction tool — $ 100. The kit includes a carrying case.

Silky Katanaboy Folding Saw


The last tool in this list — strange folds saw, vaguely reminiscent of a katana. Silky Katanaboy Folding Saw tool operation is very convenient. The saw was created to help the elderly to reduce the risk of injury when performing garden work, but many young she liked. The tool holder provides a good grip and does not slip due to rubberized surface. It can take two hands to increase speed. It makes Silky Katanaboy Folding Saw is indispensable in complex environments. The cutting part of a well-balanced, high-quality steel with impulse hardening. Sufficient blade width provides increased coverage of the working surface and speed of execution of work.

Approximate cost: Silky Katanaboy Folding Saw — $ 100.

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