Two Americans have created a deadly weapon, 24.06.2013, U2cHKR3p97nUxywZ6HoO8VUcfJ1vbIEe

This strange and sometimes funny history began last year and ended last week very unexpectedly.

In April last year, a mechanic from General Electric by the name of Glendon Scott Crawford went into the synagogue of the city of Albany, in the state of new York, and publicly announced that he would create a weapon that could help Israel to defeat all their enemies. The man was looking for money and material support, but he found her not in the dudes from the synagogue, and took her from an entirely different source. It would be pretty funny, man, but dude helped Ku Klux Klan from North Carolina. Be afraid, black brothers!

In this organization, the man found not only financial aid but and friend-accomplice engineer Eric FITA with which the man and began his destructive activities. And, it seems, the guys managed to carry out his evil plan. On Tuesday, June 18 at Glendon Scott Crawford and Eric Fitom arrived… the FBI. Dudes accused of creating fatal for all life x-ray weapons. Unknown, the actual emitter, which built two of the ku-Klux-all kinds of things over in the garage on the knee, can kill all the people. The experience of creating x-ray weapon of mankind is already there: it is known that one of the uprisings in the prison near Los Angeles was suppressed with the help of emitters, able to heat areas of the skin, which sent its rays, which leads to panic and forced obedience.

What will happen to the self-taught Crawford and Fitom, is not clear., 24.06.2013, SLJ2KgoupVijJdGhmmvs0TqeUYfteyBz

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