Twitch Automated Cat Toy will play with your cat while you’re not home

Twitch Automated Cat Toy 1016174521

Dude, many men have cats, and it’s clear why: koteyki kind, gentle… Well, at least we think of them.

With kocakoy need to play, but what to do if you almost the whole day not at home? Of course, you can have a woman who will sit at home and play with your pet, but it is expensive. Better get this funny thing that will entertain your striped friend. The younger the cat, the more you need to play with it. Besides, if you do not, he will destroy the house!

This fun trinket to play with the cat while you’re away or at work. At some point (this is programmable), the toy makes a sound that means «time to play». While playing this thing, you’ve to install the games, shaking, jumping, swinging from side to side, strongly irritating the cat. She is suspended at any height and clinging to the wall with suction cups. The kit includes ball, feather and bell. The duration of the game you can also choose.

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