Turn bike motorcycle

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Of course, in Sovet rush such a simple bike conversion to popadopolous something that was common among alpha males in a village. I think that’s a great idea. But to Americans such a thing as turning a bike with a motor, came relatively recently and managed to capture the local market. They are the brakes! Well, friend, this kit is really sold on bourgeois sites and even won a certain popularity!

Depending on configuration includes: engine Honda XR50 or PitBike, frame, swingarm, exhaust system and even a huge number of variety of details which are designed to turn your great into a pretty nice bike. By the way, the producers assure us that Motoped DIY Motorized Bike Kit will be as easy to parse, returning to its most original form.

The cheapest set costs $ 600, for those who love large, IMHO, a good gift.

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