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manygoodtips.com_3.12.2014_iPeBFG6A0DArKWhat is the meaning of life?

Yes, this is exactly what we will ogoroshil you this ordinary Thursday a normal working week. Since time immemorial, philosophers and sages have tried to find the answer to this question, hoping to find a single truth, a model of conduct or set of principles by which we will live long and mostly happy life. But what if the answer is no? The truth was never found and probably never will be. Consensus is missing. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche saw the problem in such complex issues. As you know, is a famous philosopher with a mustache, about which we already wrote. Mixing metaphors and allegories with a huge dose of sarcasm and ridicule of colleagues-thinkers, he wrote works, which is definitely not light reading for the poor in spirit.

Nietzsche was born in 1844 in East Germany, and at 24, while still a student, he was appointed Professor of classical Philology at Basel University. But the training did not bring him peace and satisfaction, because all his life he devoted to the creation of a radically new worldview. Despite the fact that he died much earlier than has gained worldwide fame, Nietzsche was undoubtedly one of the greatest philosophers in history, extending its influence from the field of modern psychology, ending with a film-Noir.

Where the dog is buried?

1. The Death Of God

«God is dead: but such is the nature of people that even thousands of years, perhaps there will be caves in which his shadow show. And we need to win even his shadow!» – Nietzsche, «The Gay Science».

Despite the fact that Frederick was brought up in a Lutheran priest, he added a hefty spoonful of atheism in their education. «God is dead!» one of the most well-known and obscure his statements. Of course, these two words should not be taken literally. God lived, died, God. This phrase has many interpretations, with a common core: science and technological progress left no room for the divine essence. No longer the terrible Judge, who punishes sinners. Now every man for himself. The moral crisis contributed to the loss of faith and moral laws that arrange the cosmic order. Nietzsche saw nothing wrong with the human mind, armed with experience and scientific knowledge, contributed to the destruction of all basic tenets that dominated Western thought for many centuries.

He believed that it was necessary to make revaluation of values, to change priorities and to identify deeper layers of the human soul than those on which Christianity is based. A universal standard of morality would never allow the person to forge their own destiny and happiness. And best of all, he has not declared a monopoly on the truth of his statement, giving man the choice, calling it «perspectivism»: the bitter truth, which is that people can’t say nothing with absolute certainty. And what are we left with? Own search for meaning. The meaning is not what you found was what you did.

2. Beyond good and evil

«What’s good? – Everything that increases the sense of power, the will to power, the power itself. What is bad? – Everything that occurs out of weakness…»

«The weak and the misfits shall perish: first position of our love to man. And they should help.»

«What is more harmful than any Vice? – Active compassion for all misfits and weak,» – Nietzsche, «the Antichrist.»

At first glance these quotes may seem like an anthem of inhumanity. And of course, you will not be alone, blaming Nietzsche in such a aggressive barbarism. However, you cannot dwell on the phrases, which cut on the ear. You need to see the big picture and not isolate a sentence from the context. All his work is not shocking for shock value, maybe he didn’t see any other way to make cabbage soup to stereotypes and to show the relativity of the objectivity of morality.

One person may believe that violence is an acceptable way to resist evil. Another person might say that violence is the most evil, regardless of the circumstances. So your task is just to substitute the cheeks to blows, while trying to love his neighbor. You have the inalienable right to stand up for what you believe to be true. According to Nietzsche, it is true for those who are bolder, smarter, wiser, stronger and more determined – «may the strongest win!»

If you ever rooted for Michael Corleone in «the Godfather» or Danny ocean’s «11 friends of Oushena», you know what it is. Michael is a mafia don, and Danny, inveterate conman and rogue, but we definitely have to respect. To live by the laws of the jungle, where survival of the fittest, a good prospect… for the strongest. So why not try to become them?

3. Amor fati as a fatal predestination of all things

«What does not kill me makes me stronger» – Nietzsche «twilight of the idols».

The well-known Latin phrase in the title, literally translated as «love of fate». And if the Stoics taught moderation, patience, courageous endure the blows of fate, Nietzsche urged us to see the joy of prospects in each slap and mental pain. Hey, we’re not talking about masochism, about what you need to enjoy the process itself, as the universe is tearing your entire being apart. Every struggle, every doubt, every moment of pain is just a way to make you stronger. Marines often say that the pain is when weakness leaves your body. In the end, the philosopher promised you fun when it’s all over, and you will rise from the ashes smarter, tougher and more hardened than they were at the beginning of this difficult journey. Of course, if he doesn’t. Not die and will stand you prepared for the test.

4. Ubermensch

«Be what you is» – Nietzsche, «the gay Science».

Anyone who is able to learn from their mistakes and sufferings, one who is able to develop, one who is able to bridle one’s passions, emotions and instincts, with the understanding that mind and intelligence are two different categories – one is able to rise above his fellow man. That is the person Nietzsche calls the Superman. «Ubermensch».

The philosophy of «reactionary anti-humanist theorist» mutilated beyond recognition, became the spiritual mother of the German social-nationalism. Altered the ideology of fascism, it has become a cover for the atrocities that drowned the world in blood. But to blame it on Nietzsche at least incorrect. His Superman is the result of cultural and spiritual development, in essence, a fully realized person.

Chaotic, destructive and instinctive forces that live within each of us (christened Nietzsche as the «Dionysian»), as important to the integrity of man as creative, rational element («Apollonian»). «Ubermensch» is not fighting with them, not suppress. He’s found the perfect balance of coexistence between the two sides of the same coin. The presence of the dark side does not make one a freak. A lion without claws or teeth becomes safe, it becomes disfigured. You also need to find the best option in a single bottle to put the good, the bad and the evil itself.

What does this mean for us?

Life outside of our zone of comfort is chaotic, lacking order, chaotic and quite violent. We used to set rules, limits, labels and standardization. We went to school to get good grades, we got good grades to get into a good University, we studied in University to get a good job and so on and so forth. Until the grave. There is no instruction manual for life. How do we deal with this? How to reconcile what we see, know and feel?

Nietzsche would probably say, «And don’t try!»

In a world where everyone is fighting to take its place under the sun, the philosopher gives you a resounding slap and said that any troubles are relative and subjective. It all depends on how you look at everything that happens to you. Live by your own rules and learn from their mistakes. You can’t become a different person, who you are, in fact, is not. So why not start working with it, to grow, to evolve, to set their own goals and create your own meaning? For, as said the mustachioed Friedrich: «no One can build thee the bridge, which you can go through life’s flow, – no one but you.»

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