TRX suspender — a new word in the work with their weight

manygoodtips.com_13.05.2014_Ot3vDpj6YWtIGTRX suspender — ring with elastic or non-elastic cords — appear not only in the gym, but also houses many sports people. Workout with loops — it’s a great way to make better use of its own weight, to gain balance and to save on trips to the gym. If you wish, you’ll be able to buy these loops for home use at a local sports equipment store or ordered via the Internet. In some gyms already there were whole rooms to work with the TRX, so if you don’t want to buy a set of hinges, buy a subscription to a gym.

What are the benefits of training with TRX-sospendere? This work with its own weight, maximum use of its capabilities and development of small muscles-stabilizers. If you’re doing regular exercise, but only these strange loops. What can happen? Very much. A huge advantage of this type of training — press is involved in almost all exercises and you do not need to download it separately. In good warm weather to train, they put the hinges to the horizontal bar in the yard. The drawback of using suspenders is, probably, the confidence of the fans work with their weight is that these workouts will build muscle and give a boost to power. At some point your body will cease to miss their own load, the muscle growth will stop and pump will you be, roughly speaking, strength, and endurance. To avoid this, in the future you need to use weights.

1. Pushups


Involved shoulders, triceps, chest, back. A relatively simple variation of the well known exercises. Her feet secured in the loops and the upper part of the body does standard pushups. Palm put slightly wider than shoulder width. Arms bent at the elbows at an angle of 90 degrees, straightening your arms should be done before straightening. When you bend the elbows, keep your body parallel to the floor and formed a straight line. Many such push-UPS seem even easier usually. Develop good balance. The load on the shoulders, chest and back much more than in standard pushups.

2. Chest press


The emphasis of the exercise on the arms and chest. At the bottom you stay on the loops, located at chest level. Your body is at an angle of 45 degrees. Bend your elbows, keep them close to your body, and then straighten hands, starting from the hinges. Repeat several times until complete enlightenment, rest, and do some more approaches. Like push-UPS with TRX, chest press with hinges is a simple exercise.

3. Inverted thrust to the chest (traction body at an angle)


The use of TRX, in our opinion, makes this action harder than a normal pull of the body at an angle to the horizontal bar. Rope will not allow the body to move along a strictly defined path, so you have to control the movement and keep the balance of the carcass. Stay need due to the foot firmly fixed on the floor, completely straight and the hands that hold the loop suspenders. Make sure socks and heels fully touch the floor. On account of «time» you pull the loop to the chest along with his body, for some time held in this position, feeling the tension of muscles. On two fully straighten arms and return to starting position. It is possible and necessary to increase the length of the rope, as well as the angle at which the loops suspenders.

4. Pull the body towards the bottom


Reminiscent of attracted body at an angle, only in reverse. Working on back muscles, especially wide. Uses a press because you need not only to keep your body and return it to its original position.

Starting position — vis the angle of the arms with loops at the middle of your chest, bent at the elbow. On the first one you straighten the hands and simultaneously push off, sending the body down. Hand loops can be made on the width of your shoulders and you can hold outstretched in front of him. On «two» return to the starting position, keeping the torso due to bent hands.

5. Pull the body towards the bottom with one hand


Same as previous exercise, but with one hand. At first recommend you to keep one leg bent to additional support and a greater emphasis on hands. When you become advanced, you can do the exercise with the same position as the fourth in this list.

Try to keep your body with one hand in such a difficult position and pull it out each time — is categorically difficult. Repeat on your other hand, preferably without rest. The other hand at run time, lies on the belt in a bent state.

6. Body pull down reverse grip two hands

The same as in exercise 4, only reverse grip (spinaround). Convenient, practical, more load on the biceps.

7. «Alligator» (wiring loops)


Starting position is free vis, outstretched arms with loops in front of him, hands turned palms inward. Right hand pull back over the head with a loop, a little bent at the elbow. The left hand is moved down. From this position, go back to the source. Series hands: left hand up and right hand down. Exercise should be done at a fast explosive pace for 45 seconds. Do two approaches, the break between them is minimal, no more than 30 seconds. Keep your hands straight, but not completely, because there is a risk of injury. Don’t let the elbows bend and the wrists much.

8. Bench press for triceps


An interesting exercise for the triceps, resembles a bench on the block, but, in our opinion, easier. Although beginners will definitely be difficult. Starting position: vis at an angle. Foot fully on the ground, stand on tiptoe is impossible. Keep suspender in front of him at eye level, arms fully straightened, palms deployed from myself. Feet shoulder width apart. Bend your elbows at the same time changing my body back. The handle loops will be slightly above the head. Hold this position for a while. Lay your arms out straight and come back again. The movement is very small but super-efficient for the triceps, the exhaust fast enough. It is recommended to do not more times a week: triceps — soft and vulnerable muscle, which is easily damaged.

9. Deadlift bent knees to chest


Another name for exercise — reverse push-UPS. There are more interesting nickname — «atomic pushups». Starting position — the same as for standard pushups on the TRX-suspender. You lean on straight arms, legs are in the free position, enshrined in loops. On once you bend the knees and tighten them to the chest. On «two» — return to the starting position. Exercise is quite heavy, since a large load will be transferred to your hands: you need to keep your body in a certain position and to stabilize the trajectory of the bent leg. Great affects the press, chest, shoulders and arms. The complexity is high. Increase the difficulty by increasing the width on which are placed hands.

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