Truisms for the sheep


There are those false «truths» every day we hear throughout our lives. As it so happened, that they are considered true a priori, axiomatic and cannot be questioned. The sooner you stop as sheep to repeat them all, the more you become like yourself. Here’s our top.

1. Be yourself

Typical excuse of all the lazy people in the world. They are so lazy that they are willing to remain in his current position forever, not to worry, not to get out of the comfort zone, to grow and to become better in any sense. If you manage to tell them that they would do well to begin to behave differently or to change something in their life, they urgently will be offended, will begin to attack you and to prove to you that you yourself are not perfect and you need to work on yourself forever to becoming a little bit better. The most common excuse not to follow your advice is that they want to stay true to yourself, don’t want to break and turn yourself into a person who is not. Likely, to become stronger, smarter, better and more beautiful is something that is contrary to the principles and giant betrayal of ourselves.

2. Do not judge and not be judged

First, still going. Secondly, why not to judge? Isn’t that why we have a brain — to have opinions, judgments, criticize or admire? When people judge something or someone, it is the source of almost all progress. If we don’t like something and we do nothing to fix it, not a single process and should not wait.

The society should be recognized at the same time and that’s the kind of thing: condemning and judging people is fun. To go to places where no one, where there was no one to see and no one to discuss, is not very interesting. Know why different moronic TV show so popular? Because people like to see others and to discuss their lives. Maybe the fact that the sight of someone else’s ugly behavior we come to think about themselves, and maybe still more difficult — the important thing is that everything happens for a reason. Why not to discuss?

3. If you lack confidence, never show

Complete nonsense. Any person who has at least a hint of intuition, you immediately see through, because notice how funny and awkward looks from your faux confidence. Real confidence has a real basis: when you are confident, you can be proud of. This does not need to be a millionaire or beautiful or strong man in the city — just the usual achievements, which you say with pride. They give your posture, confidence, gestures — natural, and the behavior — harmony.

4. Looks don’t matter; what matters is what’s inside

Yes, it does. Always had and always will have. Starting with the face and body, to cars, shoes, house furniture, how things look, counts a lot and this is not going anywhere. You yourself choose for yourself things that in your understanding, look better and take care of themselves. Why do you think, if it doesn’t matter? Don’t believe me at least believe something. No wonder he wrote: «In the person all should be beautiful: face and clothes, soul and thoughts…» — see what he put in the first place? Look!

This, of course, does not negate the importance of inner peace does not say that the inner content of man is less important than what opens our eyes. However, to dismiss someone else’s appearance — this is, firstly, hypocrisy, and secondly, inconsistency. For all matters of their appearance, and here we will cite another, this time an English classic. The words of the wise Oscar Wilde: «Only superficial people do not judge by appearance». Give me a girl who accuses a guy in this rise is on account of its clearly there is a case where she did not pay attention to the guy who struck her as a freak. Give me the guy who blames the superficiality of women — surely it is to change the phone for no apparent reason, simply because his model, say, obsolete. Yes, we are all the same!

5. To be normal is boring

Nothing of the sort. Something or someone is boring, not because it fits in with the concept of the norm or shocking. Something we think is boring when it does not stimulate thought, not suggestive, gives us new ideas. It’s boring because it’s just not interesting. The world’s elephant a bunch of people leading a «normal» lifestyle that does not try to stand out: don’t dress like clowns, don’t paint yourself with tattoos and piercings, and they are still very cool. Don’t need to look like Nicki Minaj or Timothy to be an interesting person. Do not have to necessarily become a vegan or to invent strange Hobbies, to show their individuality. You can look normal and be a cool dude a sin to be considered a nerd.

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