True urban legends

Any legends from growing up. Sometimes of course (in most cases) that this is fiction, but some legends are based on real events and facts, such as the 8 true urban legends.

1. The green man, or the Faceless Charlie


In Western Pennsylvania there is a legend about the Green Man or the Faceless Charlie, which you can see on the roadside or near roadside eateries.

The mysterious «monster» existed in reality. Raymond Robinson was seriously injured as a result of shock — he lost an eye, a nose, one ear and arm. In addition, his skin suffered so much that he developed a strange greenish tint.

The accident was ostracized by the public, and the only opportunity to breathe fresh air and not cause the mass hysteria has become for him a night walk along the highway.

2. Collector


One of the most common obsessive nightmares for people around the world there is a legend about the neighbor-maniac who collects body parts of his victims.

In our country most famous for «the collector» is Anatoly Moskvin, who, according to the police, and have dug up at least 29 female corpses from cemeteries in the vicinity of the capital, and made of body parts a few dolls. Decorated their «pupae» Moskvin blonde wigs.

3. Boy Dog


The legend of the Boy-Dog walks at Arkansas. According to this legend, some little child that has supernatural power over animals, spent my childhood brutally torturing dogs and cats.

Arkansas legend based on the life of Gerald Floyd Bettis, of which he was famous for his vicious treatment of animals. True «small» this child is difficult to call — with the growth of 190 cm, his weight was about 130 kg. or Gerald really had some supernatural abilities, however, such dimensions is more than compensated for their absence.

4. The boogeyman


The legend of the Boogeyman appeared in 70-ies on Staten island after the mysterious disappearance of several children. The investigation of this case lasted more than 10 years. In the late 80s police on the trail of Andre Rand, a former employee of the medical institution for children with developmental disabilities. At the time of committing all the crimes he lived in the woods, used drugs and may have been a follower of the occult.

Now Rand is serving a fifty-year sentence for first-degree murder.

5. Hunters human fat

About four hundred years in Peru there is a legend about some hunters who kill people for their fat. The worst thing here is that it is real. Her characters — a gang of criminals who kill tourists and sell human fat on the black market.

Peruvian policy has investigated these crimes for many years, and only in 2009, the chief of criminal investigation Department Peru Eusebio Felix Murga announced the elimination of the gang of girocolli.

6. Exploding cat


The story of the exploding whale known to all residents of Oregon. And, strangely enough, it is completely true!

In 1970, on the coast of Oregon threw a dead whale. In order to get rid of the huge carcass covered a half of the beach, the state government has decided to blow up the unfortunate whale.

7. Semi-finished products


A common motif not only urban legends but also in science fiction films, is the theme of frozen, but survivors.

In 1981 in North Dakota, there was a story that shocked the world. A young woman named Jeanne Hilliard was frozen at a temperature of 22 degrees below zero.

According to the doctors from the state hospital of Minnesota, her skin it was almost impossible to pierce with a hypodermic needle, her eyes didn’t react to the light, and her body temperature was too low to be recorded in the medical thermometer. However, she was alive.

8. The living shadow

Must be everyone at least once in life have experienced this terrible feeling like a shadow in the corner of your apartment someone is watching you.

Male Fukuoka, Japan, leads a solitary life, at one point began to suspect that someone was present in his apartment except himself. In addition to the feeling of always looking at his eyes, he noticed the movement of the objects in the apartment and the disappearance of products. However, instead of panic, the man did not panic and set up cameras in the apartment. The result was that for a whole year in his apartment lived pyatidesyatishestiletny female hobo Tatsuko Horikawa you were hiding from the boss in the cabinets.

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