True jerkiness, naked wife and a new Playstation

I’m genuinely surprised that some brothers and the hero of this story wonder is just crazy. This man has committed an act that cannot be called at least normal. But everything more.

So, the new feature of Sony PS4 is Sony’s partnership with Twitch TV, a service that allows you to quickly remove and immediately put that video online. This feature excited for reasons unknown to me many people.

While some people have found this service more useful application, one bro decided to show his true jerkiness. This man, whose name we unfortunately not know, was drinking with the wife a beer and a good time. He had a new PS4, the ability to play Beyond: Two Soul and wife. Wife was pretty drunk and fell asleep. Our hero turned the camera on, connected to the service and within 15 minutes undressing woman showing her charms to the world. To undress a woman, the man had completely. Most likely the pervert is waiting for a divorce, because this case is already written all the gaming media and not only. Shitty situation.

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