True facts about animals uncut and with a healthy share of humor

Somehow not cool that we know little about our smaller brothers. But time sometimes does not allow us that luxury. But it is always full when we look various trash show. We brought you a panacea for this problem. recently discovered that one does not necessarily interfere with another. And we understand this thanks to the guys from Rumble that translate a lot of good videos, including the show «True Facts». And somehow it is a pity that all releases are so short. But maybe that freaky-Zoological Orgy fast b tired if I lasted more than a few minutes.In addition, you can cheer yourself up, you learn a lot, it is unnecessary for your life information. Unable to show off his knowledge in front of friends, feel like a scholar and the owner of a good skull. As the initiator of this action – someone zefrank1. If you want to watch the original video, then put his nick on YouTube. In General, the «True Facts» will talk about the animals as this would not do no self-respecting zoologist.

1. True facts about the tarsier

Not going to describe the video. Still takes a few minutes – you’ll see. But it is strange that the tarsier was not some iconic animals for some green. Similar it is more on the big bat without wings, but in fact, it is like a Primate, with such understand the perishability of life eyes.

2. True facts about sea horse

Seahorse, as a rule, the first thing that dies in your aquarium. A pity, because life from him is quite unusual. The male seahorse and even a doormat in the relationship. So if you watch the video, you will understand that you have a friend everything is normal.

3. True facts about sloths

Nature has deprived sloths, and live it’s not sweet. What is the only statement in the book «Chronicle of Peru» (1553), where it is first mentioned it’s ridiculously slow animal. People move only after a very long binge.

In mountains and thickets are found very large snakes and other animals not known to us, among which there are those whom we call sloths [Pericos Ligeros], which is only to see how ugly his appearance and the lethargy and sluggishness they move.

– Cieza de Leon, Pedro. Chronicle Of Peru. Part One. Chapter VI –

4. True facts about marsupials

But after this video we ceased to apply to the Aussies as beings nice. And anyway, I’d rather not see this issue on a full stomach or during lunch. «Nature’s Majesty» in full glory.

5. True facts about the octopus

Many researchers who study octopuses are often talking about the fact that these creatures with tentacles is the most brainiest creatures on the planet after humans. Some of them claim (the scientists I mean) that they could become a much smarter person if I learned to live longer. But their age is quite short. In General, cephalopods are steep and, in addition, quite a delicious creation.

6. True facts about the angler

If scientific, aratiatia. Photographs of these creatures of the imagination, when you opened a school biology textbook. It seems to us that many of alien monsters wrote off just because of the angler fish. And the way of life they, like real monsters. We would recommend you to read about them in any scientific publication to understand how much nature can be diverse and amazing.

7. True facts about the dung beetle

The good old beetle. Like with him it’s simple: here roll someone else’s shit on the road of life, and all. Just like in human society. But in fact, the beetle is able to do much of what you can only dream of.

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