«Trucker’s Hitch» is one of the most amazing hubs in the world

manygoodtips.com_28.11.2014_pt7hS0KTsnKSc«Trucker’s Hitch» (aka «Burlatsky loop», it also «Obrazcova loop» or «Pushkarskaya host, she is «Driving node») – durable and reliable tool which is widely used in different industries, why he was given such a large number of names. Such a node is indispensable in the construction work for fixing of large objects during transport, the collection tarpaulin, bales and similar materials, and if you are fond of drevolagenie. A distinctive feature is a considerable advantage in the magnitude of the efforts made taut. So you need to be careful tightening this loop, because there is a risk of damage to the subject shipment. Imagine this site is so famous and popular that he devoted an entire song and the clip.

Well, shall we?

1. Initial setup


Fasten one end of the rope, and then wrap it around the 2nd control points of the transported object. The first anchor point to make a bowline loop.

2. Tie a «Slipknot»

Tie a «Slipknot» somewhere between two control points.

3. Tightening and fastening

The free end of the rope, which remained in the 2nd anchor point goes through the loops «Sliding knot». Pull the loose end to secure the loop.

4. Secure the free end of the

Final node: fasten the free end of the «Fishing knot».

5. Enjoy the result!

A little practice – and we are confident that you will succeed and you will be able to appreciate the reliability of this marine site.


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