Truck driver: the pros and cons of most of the traffic profession

manygoodtips.com_18.08.2015_9sRzlFGTX10owVery soon will be a holiday for those men who transport goods across our vast country. Thanks to them, you get your soda, frozen pizza and tons of other things, like your checkered shirt and brush in your toilet. This, dude, truckers.

Last Saturday of August is one of the few days when the trucker will be able to get a couple of Beers and unwind from the daily movements in the country. If we talk about all sorts of autoculture, truck drivers are some of the most stringent, but at the same time, right guys. Among them you rarely will find CADS, cattle and other people that prevent you to sleep. These men are simple laborers, for which the road is life.

Wages for truck drivers depends on many factors: the General economic situation in the country, tonnage, type of freight, number of kilometers. All that comes to about $ 1,000 per month. Although it may be more, of course. Especially if the truck is your own and not the company that you work for. To pay also affects the specificity of the cargo and of the body itself. One thing is clear — you can make good money if after each «trip» not to fall to multi-week binges. But the work itself does not tolerate effeminate men — it is not easy. In addition, you need to know the traffic rules inside out, you also need to have resistance to sleep, is in good shape, well tolerated in long hours awake without losing concentration. On the road a lot of dangers and you should be prepared for it.


1. Far from family

Heard about how the sailors leave in a months-long voyage around the world? Look at the map of Russia — our country is huge, not to mention the routes are drawn on across the border. In General, your family will have to get used to the fact that you are often absent from home. Yes, and you will have to wean from home. The asphalt arteries of our country is the landscape that you see more often than your friend who cooks you a great piece of steak for Breakfast.

2. Failure

You should have all the necessary knowledge for operation and repair of the diesel monster. If your truck breaks down somewhere in the wilderness, it is unlikely that you anyone help. All you have to do yourself. Therefore, to follow the car as our own child, even if this machine is not yours. And failures will be regularly and frequently, so you should not be driving, if you do not understand what is in your truck and how to give it a second life.

3. Time

The item is different some products deteriorate very quickly and they should deliver on time. Time is running out, and the roads are often not empty. For example, try to go on the road in the summer season from the southern regions towards the sea, in some parts is wild tube like you’re in a fucking metropolis. You should be able to get out of such situations and to catch, otherwise the deductions from salaries, and may dismiss them if will ruin the party.

4. Being slow

When you have in the back of a few tons of cargo, especially not quickly go. This is compounded by the fact that the truck itself is not super speed car. They are like hippos — slow and clumsy. You’re making eternity and collect a number of cars that curse you, road and barely waiting for his opportunity, beat you with surprising speed.

5. Sleep

The track can put you to sleep. Here you go you and his eyes are closed and everything closed. Haven’t slept in almost a day, but now you can’t sleep. Need strong self control to not cut off. Helps some huge doses of caffeine, some drink special pills that help to sleep well and some just do without. In any case, you need to be alert, accidents happen full.

6. Amenities

They are not. Although you can Refine your cabin and even sleep in the car, but when you’re in the 25 flight days, back longs for a normal bed and a normal dinner. On the roads of this pleasure can not be found, though, like, full of all sorts of roadside eateries, but you can eat really tasty healthy food is not always possible.

7. Road bandits

Probably one of the most serious problems of the Russian trucker. And here it is necessary to show courage, otherwise the bandits would just eat you. It happens that some punks will demand payment for Parking» or «tolls» in their territory. Sometimes there are really assaults on drivers. Therefore, in the way you have to have some means of self-defense.



1. Money

Earn, at present, can be very good. Now the crisis and it is not going anywhere. While everywhere cut designers, lawyers, economists and other «well-paid professionals,» truckers are always in demand. In addition, it is necessary to someone to carry sanctions geese for disposal.

2. Road romance

Item for everybody, although he has a right to exist. Roads of Russia, though broken, even if they are impassable, but they have their own unique atmosphere. You drive thousands of miles of living nature, the old towns and cities which are not similar to each other.

And although the route is dangerous, but they make you stronger and enable self-determination. The lifestyle of a trucker gives you the opportunity to appreciate a purely male qualities: mutual aid, responsibility, will power.

3. The prestige of the profession

If you will ask: whom do you work, dude? Answer: «I’m mistaken» — sounds much more proudly than «I am the Manager». No offense to other professions, but the truck drivers have a greater aura of courage. Maybe it’s just the mythologization of the image. The profession itself does not dirty, it’s not a «policeman» and «politician.» You will be always respected in the society, despite the fact that working in the field of transportation.

4. Mutual aid

The community of truckers is very close. Each driver will gladly help another if there are any problems. Because he knows — will help you will help you. You always insure, if there is some kind of fight with the bandits, the normal driver will never refuse to help. In General, to keep the team on the road is important. Thus shows the value of men’s fraternity.

5. Own business

If you have the means, it is certainly better to buy a truck, to organize the UI and do the transportation yourself hoarding money in the second machine. There are many dudes who just started his own small business. If you take the b/u KAMAZ and VAZ, that is not so expensive, the returns quickly discourage investment.

6. There’s always work

The payment can vary dramatically, but the glut of the market you are not in danger. If it becomes really bad, then such work will feed you. A good trucker will always be under constant work.

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