Trends, which do not have to follow

Dude, in today’s world – a huge pile of stereotypes and frameworks, in which we shove society. But it is rather a part of the natural process of evolution, which should be treated normally, because if not for progress, we are still engaged in gathering and agriculture. But there are trends completely pointless and unnecessary: the ones you can send away and live a quiet life. happy to share that information with you, man, be yourself!

1. Hairstyle


Probably the first Association that occurs with this word, – completely shaved whiskey and reasonable «nest» on top. «Undercut» is not out of fashion ever, but the trend for this look is over (Hallelujah!). But do not hurry to rejoice, were replaced by new forms: the aristocratic «pot» or that women are called «French kiss». Are you ready to wear this on its brutal head? I don’t think.

2. Clothing


Here I would like to mention the emergence of something like a new subculture – nogotov. It is worth noting that the new goth look is much more stylish than their predecessors. It combines two major trends: things oversize and «all one color». This color – black, naturally. Plus the fact that this kind of style of dress supplanted flashy combination of Burgundy pants, blue shirts and purple butterflies on those who so desperately and awkwardly trying to fit in the word «hipster». Dude, we are not called upon to drive themselves into the framework of one or another subculture! Just know and Motel on long mustache.

3. Tattoo


Says a lot about this, but remind me again: man, tattoos are not for everyone! Just go with it, and if your main goal is to get into a popular public tattoo, you live wrong. Why would an office Manager of a swallow on the neck? Properly to lose your job. For a good tattoo you want quality sketch and the master, whose hand does not tremble. And fun to sculpt that got anywhere, leave the kids.

4. Veganism


Healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition – it is excellent. But strict vegetarianism that forbids almost everything is too much. Or a way of attracting attention? In the company where I want to make a drunkard sober, vegan friends tend to feed it meat or give normal milk instead of soy. Perhaps someone thinks that veganism opens in man superpowers (see «Scott pilgrim vs. the world»), but there is a feeling that it’s just a stupid trend.

5. Selfie stick


We have already answered the question why man should not do self. Now for this exciting class has a special fixture. Who said that human evolution began with a stick-diggers, and ended on a selfie stick. There is some truth to that, although fans of «crossbows», major companies and colorful panoramas behind the monopod to be very useful. Another thing is that the process of using it looks pretty ridiculous.

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