Traveler zig-zag or Captain Beefhart

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It’s a shame, man, what about this noble guy does not know so much in our land, however, it is. And in the West very popular. His name is Captain Beefhart or Captain beef Heart. Actually, of course, that’s not his real name. His name is don van Vliet, he was born in a suburb of Los Angeles. The future Captain was Dutch roots that contributed to the fact that it will stick in their name share van.

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Don grew up a troubled child, but very musical. A cocktail of Blues and avant-garde jazz taught him strange tastes. But strange to most educated people. With a noble lover of the avant-garde Frank Zappa, the don had been friends almost from childhood. They have a good impact on the life and music each other.

According to the Captain, for him music is not played any role, but the words of the songs he considered essential. Outside of Russia Beefhart is a real master of words. Its composition is compared with the poetry of beatnik and similar cultures. However, the Captain did not know even the music, but treated it very simply, we can say that it does not interfere, of course, that’s no reason to explain my laziness not to teach notes, the fact that large people are not taught — great people easier. The Captain explained to the group «Magic Band», what he wants them to do with graphics, and the dude actually managed to do it. Sometimes he even tortured his group, closing them without food and water in the house until they are played right. Just to say one thing: 7 notes he was little, and all of the musical tricks, too. Don learned to play on the most famous instruments in the world, however, the militant aesthetes will definitely not approve of his music, as Beefhart played… in his way… But his voice covers 7 octaves.

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Most of the friends of the Captain could tell many stories. Amazing personality was this man. The notable fact was that don said something like «your phone Again!» and goes to the phone. The phone started ringing a few seconds. There is another interesting story. Once don was rehearsing with my guys, suddenly ordered everyone to keep quiet. Then he said to them: «Remember, this is a historic moment!». The next day they learned that Lennon was shot.

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Also Beefhart studied painting and even made cartoons.

Music Captain does not leave anyone indifferent, it is true that many from it is frankly not for everyone. However, this is not a sign of talent?

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