Traveler and a thirst for travel

Porada.kom.ua_24.03.2014_Dme8eYTy6ygSiOn the weekend I suddenly remembered a conversation with one of my University friend. Or rather, I remembered only one sentence: «there are No people without roots». I have for some time pondered this phrase and came to the conclusion that it is categorically wrong. These people are and name them the city.

They have always been. Someone wanted to see the world and show themselves, someone wandered in search of a new destiny, and someone categorically bothered to sit still active curious nature. If you remember Russian, European, Asian and all sorts of tales, one gets the impression that such people were always. Actually, it is.

In our enlightened age of high technology, it seems, no one can take the knot, tape it to a stick and go aimlessly. It seems that such a variety of people disappeared forever from our planet, but it’s not. Modern travelers are traveling with a backpack or small travel bag. Strangers is highly underrated. Don’t like them for a walk in the clouds, they are victims of false rumors and hate literally from nothing. They are considered unsuitable for ordinary office work, daily life and the main social pressure. They are considered as irresponsible and lazy, but maybe they are the most creative and inspiring people from all who have trodden this long-suffering ball. They feel good beauty, able to inspire and show other people that you should always look for something more, something original and unusual, instead of having to sit in a banal routine.

But often these wonderful people are confused with these Peter Panama, boys who don’t want to grow up, take responsibility, get rid of the immaturity and become men. Such «boys» can be much over forty, they can often be found on the PCB, where they lay in the bushes fighting with friends and loved guitar. Sometimes favorite friend is my guitar. On the one hand, their pity, but somehow not very. Travelers can look decent. They can be education, interesting job, family, yet all these socially-important things for them, let’s be honest, in the background. First they have a mad desire to be free, to see as much as possible to learn something and to go to different parts of the world. So what is the difference between travelers from «Peter pan»?

1. You visit some places and just think about other places

The guy bear Grylls (here’s a real example of the traveler) from childhood was a huge dream to climb Everest. When he did, there was another purpose in life. It happens with the nomads. First they want to see Moscow, then St. Petersburg, then the city of the Golden ring, and then thinking about other cities in other countries. These children are in life there is always a purpose, if not to go somewhere, just something to do.

2. You find it hard to keep friends, but to find a new one easily enough

I often heard the story from mutual friends about a funny friend who almost every town had friends I could stay. Arrives somewhere his favorite band, he takes his backpack and travels with the native of Nizhni Novgorod there. Stops on the day of comrades, attending a concert and going back. It’s amazing how easily this man can afford to have fun. Unfortunately, to hold them all categorically difficult. However, I think you get used to it.

3. Move frequently

You really have no roots. Of course, you were born in a certain place at a certain hospital, but you somehow does not pull to the homeland. More specifically, you have no homeland. You don’t even know what it is. But «cosmopolitan» or «citizen of the world» for you never carry a negative connotation. You’re indeed a citizen of the world, although for many people this is equivalent to the concept of «homeless». You don’t feel a special sadness when you’re moving from one place to another, any move seems to you is not tedious, and it’s a really interesting and fun.

4. For you normal life is worse than death

Find any flexible woman, have children, take out a mortgage, to work five days a week at the nostril in paper and delight yourself trips to Applebee’s. All of this for you is death. Once maybe you have tried this life, but it seems you tedious, boring and monotonous. This does not mean that you will never procreate or marry. You will only do it with the likes of you girl. Otherwise you will get bored with something like this.

5. Your feet can’t find rest as the soul

The concern of such people is not due to the fact that they can find their place and happiness, and the fact that they are constantly looking for knowledge. They have an interesting nature, which always wants new sensations, impressions and other Goodies. These people like to read, travel and constantly look for something interesting. In some ways, they look like interesting cats, which do not feed bread, let me stop off to climb up there.

6. Are you ready to go anywhere, if there had not been

Tourist base forty kilometers from the city? Go! Holy spring with a tree of desires? The usual port town with lots of attractions? Resort village? The village in the mountains, where the theater of hostilities in the Second World war? «Everywhere you want to because I was not there!» These people no matter where to go: tourist places, unusual places or in another country. If they were not there, that’s good!

7. Online maps, paper maps and globes fascinate them

Because they depict real places where they never were.

8. You know, when the price of air and railway tickets are cheaper

You very clearly follow all the innovations, rise in prices and promotions in this case.

9. You’re trying to find unusual places where nobody had suspected

Once my friend dragged me into the woods, where I unexpectedly found a dolmen. And some ancient mound. Dude there’ve been digging and found some beads and an arrowhead. Despite the fact that the edge I has a history (as well as any place in the world), I thought all that stuff had to dig, dismantle, bulldoze and build cottages. It turns out that there is. Travelers, I think, you know, all these places.

10. Do you think their money only from the point of view of how far you can go and for how long

You only care about the journey, and get new useful experience. You’re not waiting for summer to go somewhere warm and do the same thing that you can do here, adjusted for weather conditions. You don’t travel around the country because it is fashionable. You travel around the country and the world to see something new. Travelers do not neglect other countries for them, except personal preference, all interested and still.

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