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manygoodtips.com_26.03.2015_V3DH5bRtB3aAwOur world is full of amazing attractions and natural wonders. But unfortunately, traveling out in a decent penny, so you have to carefully plan your vacation, suffering a choice of which country to visit to see the max and pay the minimum. Perhaps in our time, and will be a mechanism capable of moving people, free of charge. Well, until we have all the power of the Internet, which offers you with one click to go on a virtual journey to exotic corners of our planet.

1. The international space station


One of the greatest human achievements – the conquest of space. Yuri Gagarin was our pioneer, and many others followed his example. Moreover, we launched a large number of man-made objects to orbit the Earth and now have no less than 2,500 satellites. The largest artificial object in orbit of our planet is the international space station, launched November 20, 1998. The ISS is a clear indication of what we can achieve if we connect technological and scientific knowledge around the world. And would you yourself see it inside everything is arranged? Listen to what stirs the crew while on duty? God bless the Internet! Click and your wish will come true.

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2. Coral reefs


«Rainforests of the ocean» responsible for the safety of the impressive diversity of underwater life. Some inhabit coral reefs supply a person’s most valuable medicines. But the Coral reefs of the red sea, the Caribbean and the North-Eastern coast of Australia have become a tourist Mecca and a source of income for the local population. Scientists suggest that by 2030 these amazing natural plants disappear forever. The largest and most famous of all the reef – the Great barrier reef, it was formed over 20,000 years to take its present form. By the way, this is where they filmed» Finding Nemo», and now you can go for a walk in familiar places from a favorite childhood cartoon.

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3. Antarctica


Now, thanks to a partnership between the University of Alabama at Birmingham and several scientific foundations, we can observe the life of Antarctic penguins online from the comfort of home. The webcam at the Palmer station (the only American research center on the Antarctic Peninsula) is also online at any time. So, sitting in your warm bed, you can see what the busy American researchers and how they bask in extreme sub-zero temperatures.

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4. African Safari

Having been in the North, in five minutes you’ll be able to go to the virtual journey in the hot desert. African Safari is a dream for many travelers, because nothing ever compares to the feeling of delight when you will see elephants, giraffes and cheetahs in their natural habitat. If you’re lucky enough and you have the money and time to participate in this adventure, well, we all silently pozaviduem you. Well, for all the rest, we have this link.

Watch here

5. Northern lights


The Northern Lights, form charged particles colliding with the atmosphere, turn into an amazing kaleidoscope of different colors. They vary from bright green and dark blue to ruby red, depending on height. Different paints are mixed, and in the night sky we see a rainbow of incredible color patterns. The best time to observe the Northern lights from September to April. Many tour operators offer packages specifically for those chasing this elusive phenomenon, going to Alaska, Canada, Iceland or the Northern part of Scandinavia. Well, we suggest you to watch this phenomenon without taking your ass off the couch.

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6. Walk in the center of Prague


Prague is one of the oldest and most beautiful places in Europe. Annually at least four million tourists come to the capital, making Prague is 22nd most frequently visited city in the world. The center of Prague is filled to the brim with wonderful historic architecture, which dates from the 14th century. All these attractions are available to anyone with Internet access. The camera opposite the astronomical clock allows you to adjust the viewing angle and zoom in action. So today, we’ll send you the link to Europe. Suitcases are unable to pack.

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7. Glacial lake of Jökulsárlón


The jökulsárlón is the largest glacial lagoon in Southeast Iceland. Hollywood has long chosen these places for the filming of many famous movies such as «Batman begins» and «Die another day». By clicking on the link, you will see the streaming video, which tells the story of the disappearance of glaciers and the history of this amazing wonder of nature.

Watch here

8. The Tokyo skyline and tower «sky Tree»


Tokyo is an incredible combination hyperstreaming architecture, high-speed lifestyles and traditional Japanese culture. It is the most populous metropolis in the world, with 38 million inhabitants. Every year, hundreds of thousands of foreigners come to this city to absorb its unique fusion of old and new. You don’t need to spend money on expensive flights, you can see it with your own eyes right now, sitting at his computer.

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9. Niagara Falls


Three separate falls on the canadian-American border to form one huge called Niagara falls. Every year 12 million people come to these places, but it is only a famous tourist attraction. Niagara falls also serves a practical purpose: to deliver significant amounts of electricity in American and canadian homes. Clicking on the link and admire the awesome power and beauty of nature.

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10. Everest

Everest is the highest mountain on the planet and a temporary shelter for hundreds of brave mountaineers. For the first time the peak was conquered in 1953, and since then about 4,000 people were able to repeat this feat. Meanwhile, mere mortals can enjoy the view with a webcam aimed directly at the mountain. She works from 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 PM.

Watch here

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