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manygoodtips.com_28.05.2014_caB6A9c8Pn7E8We’ve scrimped and saved the money to go on vacation or even in a dream journey, and now it is time to learn economical and original way to spend time in travel. Many do not know how to travel. Is too expensive, or reserved and boring, or will again have to postpone the trip until next year because they do not have accumulated a decent amount. A week in the resorts of Krasnodar region can cost two hundred thousand rubles, what to say about the trip over the hill! Believe it or not, but you can travel cheap if you know the measure. To live with dignity in Bangkok for $10 a day really, like for $1 in India. The whole point here is to not be afraid to walk, to eat not in the tourist spots and not to sleep there. The resulting emotions can not be compared with anything.

1. To save money on a trip to a Bank account

Let’s say you are going to go far, for example in Europe. You can save money at home, but the temptation to get into «the stash» black days will be very high. A savings account in the Bank, albeit not at very high interest rates will help your money grow and if not, to be untouched for some time. Just take the offer for a year with the opportunity to report the money, but without the ability to borrow up to the deadline. Then taken away.

2. Weekly budget

If you’re going somewhere for a long time, companies weekly budget. For example, a week do not spend more than X or not to spend a day more than $ 50. If you spent more, the next day will have to suck his paw in punishment for extravagance.

3. Consideration of cheap flights, and a thorough study of all proposals

Best of all, of course, be taken in advance so as not to fly one-way for the amount for which you can buy at once two tickets. Over half the tickets are always cheaper, but sometimes you can not guess the holidays or it is banal will not. Remember that airlines — a cunning infection. If two flights of the two airlines on the same dates to choose the more expensive, has all the chances to fly on the same plane with those who bought cheap tickets.

4. Soundcloud

Couchsurfing is a rather interesting phenomenon, including in its sphere of activity 100,000 cities worldwide. The members of this large and joyful commune provide sleeping space travelling man who can go on after that night. Members of the social network will help not only with sleep, but will also provide any possible assistance. In exchange, you must buy food, gifts or something to thank hospitable hosts.


Another phenomenon is called WWOOF. This is the same tourism, only in exchange for bed and Board you need to work for the owner on an organic farm. If you’ve always wanted to walk around the mountains of Austria and to feed the cows on a dairy farm, this offer is for you. Imagine what a learning experience! The number of countries included in the project are enormous. There is a farm and the African, Asian, American, European and Middle East countries.

6. Plan your meals

Don’t eat in expensive restaurants designed for tourists. Cheat dude from another country, as it was said in one good movie — a matter of honor. If in a tourist spot you will overpay for the miracle local dishes in the places for «their» you’ll get it. Of course, to visit openly marginalized the dining room is not worth it!

Don’t be afraid to cook zatovarennaya products, do not pay attention to the expensive brands and buy plain water instead of the pompous Evian. Feel free to take them to the sightseeing you personally prepared sandwich and tea.

7. Use coupons and special offers

You can rent them from the official site or for any purchase. There is a chance to eat in the foreign or the local Burger King for 100 rubles.

8. Buy wholesale

The same applies to cheap grains in their «Auchan». If you have a rest in Russia, the more we do it. Don’t be afraid to take stock and think, if you’re on vacation, so you can afford to eat only in restaurants and never cook — it’s complete garbage. Less will be fine.

9. No coffee

The recruiting booths with take-away coffee will lure you with the smell of toasted beans, but you can’t afford it. Coffee around the world is quite expensive, trying to explain the desire to recapture the cost of expensive coffee machines. Of course, sometimes you can afford yourself a Cup of hot black drink, but to make it a habit not worth it: expensive. The average price of coffee in Europe and America — $4. There are places where the price comes to $ 10. This is because you, food for thought.

10. There is no drinking at the bar

Daily! If you want to drink, buy a bottle and raspevy at home, otherwise it will be very expensive, but it does not fit into the concept of saving.

11. No midnight cravings

The change of time zone can make your body want strange. You ate an hour ago, but again you want to eat, because usually around this time you eat in everyday life. Wake up at three in the morning from the manic desire to eat — a normal part of adaptation. How to deal with it, not fat and not to spend money? Use the water. Pour a mug of water and slowly drink it. The stomach is filled and you can sleep on.

12. Do without the Internet or try to find a suitable rate

All the stories about the bills in a few million for a jump of one of the series provider is a reality! I do not take domestic modem over the hill, shut off normal SIM card or get special offer for roaming and travelling. Otherwise, you will face the fact that every day something is unclear you will shoot for 500 rubles. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! It is better to live without an Internet.

13. Cheap phone

If in the mountains you will break your brand new smartphone badly hurt, but high impact oldova Nokia — our choice.

14. Free activities

In every city on earth is bound to have something free. For example, tasting. Periods of free access to exhibitions and museums as advertising is a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

15. If you need cheap clothes, go to consignment shops

As a rule, they are much cheaper than ours. Just don’t get carried away buying, dragging home with ten bags a bad thing.

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