Travel for dummies


1. You easy to spot

Try to accept the fact that your status as a tourist makes you an easy prey for… yeah, for anyone. For compulsive traders, pickpockets, beggars — all the rabble that regularly prey on visitors. Can try to pretend to be «local» but not amuse themselves with the illusion. In the first journey, you are unlikely to succeed — the euphoria of a «first time» abroad it is difficult to hide.

2. You’re (probably) going to miss home

So, dude, you’d be surprised, but even on the beautiful Philippine beaches, you can cover summertime sadness, which is accompanied by a burning desire to see the native Khrushchev. Nothing wrong and unusual in this: it is human nature to yearn for home, as awesome as he was outside the house.

3. Accidents happen

And sometimes — very unpleasant. But, unfortunately, to do this you can not do anything. If you missed his flight, left in an unknown direction at an unknown bus in an unknown country, had lost my wallet, don’t panic. All travellers at least once, but was caught in a similar situation, everyone had to get out. Take fallen on you in trouble as an experience and as the material for those interesting stories that you’ll tell your friends back home.

4. Being alone is not scary

Even if you are traveling with friends, remember that you don’t always have to follow your company. Any tours take just a day for yourself: take a walk around the city alone, get to the last metro station, Poetica precisely those places that interest you, not your friends. In short, make sure this trip was a valuable experience for you personally, and not

5. You can get lost

Rather to say this: you will get lost. Anyway, it will happen, and you will be surprised, but it’ll be fine, dude! Lost, you will be able to see the underside of any tourist place, you will see life for what it is, you might meet someone of the natives. In short, you will learn all the things that you would never have known, walking with a guide.

6. Keep valuables at home

Seriously, put on a table Thai cafe MacBook Pro — a very bad idea.

7. Do not spare money for comfortable shoes

Shoes should be an essential item in your travel wardrobe. To walk you have very, very much, and no amount of patches will not save you if your shoes are chafing. By the way, it is not necessary to bring new, just bought shoes. No matter how cool and comfortable it is to you now may seem: there is a great risk that in the conditions of the tours it will manifest itself quite differently. Better to choose the old time-tested kadosa, though their appearance leaves much to be desired — most importantly, you remain intact in your feet.

8. Prepare for inconvenience

One of the integral parts of the romance of voyage lies precisely in this road «disorder» — a snack on the go, fatigue, inability to sleep and so on.

Going on a tour, you are automatically subscribed to all these and other such delights, so man, not Noah.

9. Bring the logbook

It’s much more fun than you think to record all his impressions of the trip. And even more interesting will read it when I got home.

10. You don’t have to visit ALL the tourist sites

You can’t even visit either of them. Seriously, that’s your business, than interested in what to look for and where to go while traveling. This does not mean that you should ignore the advice of others on the topic of where to go in a particular place but do not take the words of a guide as an order. In the end, this man earns in your interest to sightseeing.

11. Be careful with affair

If you’re traveling alone, there are more cool way to spend your time abroad than to pick up the hot chick from the local. The girl in the tourist’s and casual sex, and personal guide and expert of local cuisine and more. Such a diverse profit will enchant anyone. But you still try derjatsya in hand and not rush to girls of questionable «quality». Remember, you’re a walking target, you’re easy prey. Let me not to the tourist end of the novel were stolen pockets and a bouquet of venereal diseases to boot.

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