Travel: 5 cities where you can go at any time of the year

Travel is always good. Some of them can temper your character, others to expand your horizons, others to relax and have a good rest. But to be a tourist in our time is always difficult. So much conflicting information, and tourist agencies are not always honest with you. It turns out that you are saving up for three years by the chic and presentable holiday in an exotic country, and on arrival find themselves in a tropical hell where the streets are flooded, and the lightning are trying to burn your ass.

A Paradise that you see on the brochure, is not so all year round. The locals, of course, unable to cope with difficulties, but you better not be there at the wrong time. For example, if you take Bora Bora, in French Polynesia, you can stumble upon a message that there is year-round warm and pleasant. In the end, will go there in the rainy season (November-April) and will wash away your vacation in the toilet. Although some, of course, like the endless rain and gloomy sky. And if we talk about prices, the seasonality is very noticeable, although not always justified. So here’s the list of the cities most static in terms of weather, finances and generally comfortable.

1. Sibiu, Romania

In General, many people underestimate Romania. This country has throughout its history fought for the opportunity to be independent from the influence of the Germans and the Ottomans. However, she absorbed the cultural traditions of many peoples. Of course, now the whole okoloistoricheskoy tourism revolves around the figure of Vlad Tepes, the prototype of Dracula by Bram Stoker. Not every castle in Romania called the Impaler’s lair. So if you go to Romania, you treat the guides skeptical. But we still found it interesting this country. It is not so far away from Russia, and the prices are quite reasonable all year round. There is some specific of the tourist season, the city of Romania, it is interesting to visit both in summer and winter, and autumn.

Sibiu is located in the heart of Romania. The climate is temperate continental, with strong temperature gradients you will not see. In 2007 was listed as the cultural capital of Europe that is not at all surprising. Numerous spring festivals, historic houses, beautiful cathedrals that were built in the XIII and XV centuries. In addition to religious buildings in Sibiu are many Inns, forges, mills. In General, freedom for the traveler who is obsessed with medieval history and European culture. The town itself is surrounded by a certain aura of mysticism, mystery.

2. Heraklion, Greece

The city is located on the island of Crete, which in former times was famous as the lair of pirates who were constantly harassed by the Almighty Rome. Now Crete is a part of forever crisis countries, so we can assume that prices on the island are quite affordable. Heraklion is the administrative centre of the island, which is named after the Hercules (Heraklion). It was founded God knows when, and interesting to us because, in addition to the gorgeous beaches, has a magnificent cultural programme. The climate is Mediterranean. And the island location can mitigate fluctuations in temperature, why summer gets cooler, but the winter warmer. If you have an extra 50 000 rubles, you can take your girlfriend and in what does not deny (within reason), although you can find much cheaper tours only with some effort. Heraklion is also suitable for youth parties, and gastrotricha (kitchen great), and for those who ugorayu on monuments of antiquity (which is only the Palace of Knossos). Also plenty of markets that allow you to purchase enough diverse, in fact, unnecessary Souvenirs for friends and relatives. Direct flights from Russia – full.

3. Pingyao, China

Surprisingly, China for our country is still a country of mystery. Although it is located right next door, and go there, if you ask for, the special difficulties does not cause. In addition, China is a country of contrasts. In that state you can find old cities which still live on subsistence farming, but can see the huge Metropolitan areas are growing by leaps and bounds. And if you look at their large-scale projects, getting a little frightened from their industrial and economic power. However, we are fortunate that China, despite some wildness and Communist ideology, a fairly peaceful country.

Pingyao is located in Shanxi province, Central China. The city itself is a UNESCO world cultural heritage site by UNESCO. Why was he in this list? At least because it is the only medieval city of China, fully retained its historic architectural appearance. On the streets you can’t drive cars, only bicycles and to walk. The city was founded almost 800 years before our era. Most of the buildings in Pingyao, there are 600 years of history. It is strange that this small town recently (XIX century) was the center of Commerce and trade. There was opened the first Bank in China, a building which still stands in its place.

4. Luang Prabang, Laos

Laos, unlike more successful in Thailand and Vietnam, a poor country. It failed to tap into this tourism boom, but the country is a great choice for those who don’t want to spend too much money and still wants to know the true flavor of South East Asia. Luang Prabang is a city where previously the rate was the Lao king. Now the status of the capital moved to Vientiane. This city is also a world heritage site by UNESCO and it is also interesting for its architectural landmarks, which are many. The city prohibited the construction of high-rise buildings, as well as the movement of trucks and buses in the center.

Despite the fact that Laos and in particular Luang Prabang do not have outlets to the ocean of natural objects and of places of recreation this does not become less. For example, if you already got a cultural program in the form of various Buddhist temples and Royal palaces, you can go into the caves the Park on the river Mekong, close to the city or to the waterfalls of Kuang si waterfalls of Tad or Se. You can also visit the Royal ballet (it’s not like European ballet) and feed the monks (seriously, is there such «attraction»). Without elephants, too, will not do, because Laos had previously known only as Lansang, Honcho – the land of million elephants and white umbrella.

Climate can bite, there are rains, and worse. But it pays for itself a low cost of living, food, transportation around the city. We can say that the main costs will fall on their flight tickets. Crowds of tourists there, yet not so publicized country, and the Laotians live like at their own pace, fully hammering on the changing world.

The food there is pretty cheap. For example, a plate of grilled vegetables costs less than a dollar. Meat is a little more expensive, but not significantly. There are, of course, the national cuisine, as well as the usual us pizza and even sushi. You can own something to prepare for this visit the market, but already there go on about how. Of course, like everywhere else, tourists are trying to breed for money. Residents are very friendly to tourists, and the time goes very quietly and slowly.

5. Kuta, Indonesia

The city is located on the island of Bali, the Mecca of many tourists who like to hang out, cool waves and the endless beach bars. Bali is near the equator, and the Angle is the largest tourist area of the island. The nightlife here is in full swing, everything here is for surfing, the prices are much lower than in similar areas. Prices in hotels, as elsewhere, depend on the internal situation. In the Corner is pretty easy to find really cheap rooms (cheaper than in Sochi, for sure) to be beautiful is simple. Or you air conditioning and a TV, just a bed and a nightstand. A local beer costs the same as the Russian counterparts (70-120 rubles per bottle), but the food is much cheaper than even in an ordinary provincial Russian cities. Although everything is relative, but if you want to keep the fullness of the purse, you are able to do and the usual rice for lunch 100-140 rubles. If you want to try a more familiar European cuisine will cost you a little more.

Temperature on the island can say, is constant. But the seasons still there, and again, due to heavy rains. At different times different prices on hotels, but this is not so clear, otherwise we would not write about this city within the collection. The bottom line is that prices vary greatly, only if you take expensive hotels, where the price increases in August, September and Christmas holidays. But cheap, nondescript hotels retain the same pricing all year round. The result is an acceptable price tag at any time. Well, of course, there are such nice things as hostels. It will give you a bed for nothing, but you should be concerned for the safety of personal belongings. Regarding getting around the city. The easiest option is to rent a motorbike. Don’t forget the helmet, otherwise you may be fined for his absence. You and scooter to rent, it will cost about 40 thousand rupees per day. Don’t be scared, dude, such huge numbers, at the current exchange rate is only 190 rubles. If you take the scooter for a week, it will be much cheaper.

In fact, if not for the plane, vacation in Bali it’s a lot cheaper than a vacation on the black sea coast. It’s sad all the same. Even rent surf from a decent shop will be translated into our money somewhere 400-500 rubles a day. And when you rent surfing on the beach, and even cheaper. The angle is designed more for young people. It’s not a quiet place for a holiday the anniversary of an old couple. There will be music, noise, the sea of alcohol, extreme sports and shops that stay open until late at night.

In General, pull yourself together, man. Put the money this year and embark on a Grand adventure to the next, instead of once again sunbathing on littered public beach and is questionable Shawarma from sourmena. Wild beaches, unfortunately, on the coast of the Black sea less and less, and the service leaves much to be desired. And new experiences never hurt anyone.

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