Traits that are annoying

Our website is nothing but a bunch of haters, and it’s very interesting. I would not say that hate is a good feeling, but it’s more interesting than sympathy. I have a theory, which is probably even some other person the present of a psychologist and a specialist who can scientifically justify their opinions. The theory is this: our hatred stems from what we see in ourselves the ability to be like the person you hate. Wide man, too wide, and therefore, whether he has enough space for any extreme and nasty — so to resemble as much as anything the bad example. Everybody hates everybody, nobody’s perfect. So, in General, theory. Most today will go to the owners of these unpleasant qualities:


This sin mainly girls, and thus proves the male half of the population to the teeth gnashing. «Oh, I’m so fat and ugly, I am ugly, here’s a dozen of my crossbows on Instagram — look at my face awful.» Really annoying, no? First, to criticize myself for other people — this is ridiculous, might as well be open to fishing for compliments. Secondly, all sensible people understand who is truly dissatisfied with their appearance, it will not take pictures of myself and put on public display. So it is not done.

The present uncertainty

Not that flashy, but still annoying. Your friends should be cheering you, poor fellow, every day. Money they do not pay for it, pleasure, zero, and confirming the status of one from day to day, even tedious. The speech «You’re not the worst superhero out of the garbage» just laugh for the first time, and then provokes an inconvenience. Nobody likes whiners. Already find a way to love yourself, otherwise everything around you will hold hands and one day together jump off a bridge.

The desire to be first in everything

You really, whether that is so concerned with who’s winning now «Monopoly»? You will really be upset if you’re not it? Wow. You’re beautiful. You are very pleasant to deal with.

Joke. In fact, such people are the worst and there are a lot of reasons. One of them is their desire to surpass everyone in any case. For example, you boast that you have a girlfriend. What will be the answer to this guy? Something like «Yesterday, I went on two dates with two different girls and they both wanted to meet me». Unpleasant and strange phenomenon. Why they think that other people’s good news for some of them threatened? Why so scared that anyone else is going smoothly?

When bragging about Dating

Abhorrent, rooted in earlier unpleasant character trait. Well, why do you need to constantly produce? You know, you, an ordinary waiter, embarrassed by the fact that you were served the famous basketball player and told him a few words of English, but is this to brag? Why weave the news into the conversation and try to make it much more relaxed way? A casual will not succeed: you are too happy. And then, each of us at least once in my life crossed paths with a celebrity — so what?

«I have everything here»

For such people, I have news: the world you don’t have to. No krupinski. No stachecki. No change. Nothing at all. You are no better than others, everyone here has equal rights and opportunities as white bone and blue blood — is an atavism, now they all bleed red: ran out of time when the people were divided into serfs and nobles. If you don’t learn this lesson, you will be always complain, complain and complain of their hard and cheerless life. And this is not aristocratic.

«I always do the right thing»

These guys are able to bring to rabies and trembling hands. Saints, who have always everything right. They don’t do drugs, don’t drink, don’t smoke, stay at work, don’t date bad girls, don’t make mistakes — they are perfect. And they are full of shit, because everyone in this world is wrong. There are no perfect people, so do not pretend to be one of a kind exception to the rule.


In school, it was honors that all could outdo, get the praise of teachers, the top five in the diary and Shine from this all day. School days ended, and the guys still this fact did not accept. Now, looking at this behavior, each thinks to himself, «Hmm. You can’t make me feel stupid, I’m not ten years old. But I understand that you’re not confident, and it’s incredibly sad.» Why should I be ashamed that I don’t know what there is another indie band? Why would I even want to know about her?

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