Traits of the alpha male

alpha male

We already told you what separates the alpha male from bullies. Often the term «alpha male» gives a negative emotional overtones, although completely undeserved. Our goal is to restore the original meaning of the word, give it an appropriate definition — of course positive — that reflects the evolutionary meaning and purpose of alpha males.

Rethinking the phenomenon of the alpha male

So you understand what we mean by alpha male, you must forget all those clichés about them that was in your head still.

Usually it is just the most dominant men in the group, or the strongest, or the most self-confident. Not someone who just is self-confident and strong enough, and the one who just delivers the kind of strength and confidence. The problem is that according to this definition, an alpha male needs to be aggressive and daring. However, all somehow miss the fact that the definition of self-worth is associated primarily with introspection. In the described model, all based on the constant assessment of yourself and determine their own position in relation to the other in an imaginary hierarchy that only exists in your head.

As you have probably realized that we put in the word «alpha male» a slightly different meaning. We want this term was used in the literal sense, not that it has acquired lately. The alpha male is not just the stubborn type, he besides needs to develop. It is logical to concentrate on the things you can control. And best of all you can control yourself. To achieve success to which you aspire, you need to improve yourself inside and out. You need to strive to become better than you were, not better than anyone else there. It means to be an alpha male.

Let’s start right now. We will tell you about the traits of the alpha male, which is distinguished by evolving man; a man who is not alien to the spirit of the natural competition inherent in male psychology, and this spirit directs him to greater things.

Ready to help — but no fan

The desire to be successful is not just a manifestation of narcissism or individualism. Alpha understands that to achieve their goals is only part of the implementation of plans and desires. The other part of its activities aimed at the world in which he lives; it affects the world. Alpha uses acquired knowledge to make the world a better place.

However, the willingness to help also has its limits. The alpha gives advice and inspires others but not doing for other people their work. He understands that they need to learn to do everything on their own, you will need help of others but first. The alpha realizes that if he steps over those boundaries and begin to solve other people’s problems, people will not learn to do it yourself.

Confident — but not cocky

In the usual understanding of the alpha male is cocky — he’s the guy who belittles others to feel taller. Rethought understanding of the alpha male brings us to the fact that such ostentatious cockiness is just a cover for lack of confidence. Alpha, on the contrary, confident in their own abilities and honestly assess their strengths and weaknesses, can objectively judge what he can achieve now, and what do you have to work.

Therefore, alpha is respectful treats others as this demonstrates the confidence and ability to share thoughts, ideas and plans that positively affect the world and people around. If you have good ideas, share them. If you think you can help, do not sit idly by.

Has claims but not conceited

People who look good tend to achieve more. This is not some indisputable truth, but just a General observation, which is confirmed again and again. British scientists found that more attractive men earn more money and occupy more lucrative positions. Some claim it is good because that’s what you claim about yourself, watch yourself and understand what you need. When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you radiate energy, which improves the world around you and a positive impact on the lives of people who interact with you.

Proud, but not arrogant

The difference between pride and arrogance is noticeable: you know, who inspires you and who is just a complete moron. It all depends on how you react to your own success. What does it mean to you? Success stimulates you on to greater things or do you just want him because he spent too much energy?

Arrogance assumes the second option, because you have reached a certain level and, therefore, claim any privileges and special opportunities. On the other hand, pride is the recognition of its own success, which retains the understanding that you have to earn every privilege, to fight for every success and to prove themselves again and again.

Modest but not self-deprecating

Modesty is important. It does not allow us to fall off the rails. It forces us to stand firmly on the ground, not head in the clouds. And, most importantly, humility makes us wanting more. Understanding that you are smart, be sure to be confident and to achieve something. But it is important to remind yourself that you’re not Einstein: that makes you even smarter.

Alpha understands that self-deprecation leads to excessive seriousness, what good is it to be too serious about yourself and others? He is modest, but it wants more, but gets a discount when needed. And he never, ever loses faith in himself.

Tolerant — but not weak

In this life you are guaranteed to have to put up with shit. No matter in what sphere of life: in relationships with friends, with your partner, colleagues or boss-of your life is bound to be shitty. Patience and tolerance is important to find your place in the world to be happy with what we have and what we believe.

No matter in the office or at the bar, you can’t take everything that disagrees with your point of view, with their values. You need to be tolerant of other people’s mistakes, shortcomings, and personal opinions. Otherwise, you run the risk of becoming restricted asshole. And you don’t want to be an asshole?

A devotee — but not obsessed

Do you know who are workaholics. They remain in office the longest and work until you literally drop dead. No matter when, on Monday morning or Saturday night — a workaholic so constructed that it can not bring the case to the end. On the one hand, we admire these people. We are striking in their attitude to work, their energy and desire to do seemingly impossible projects. On the other hand, we feel sorry for them.

Alpha loyal to his family, friends, he thinks about their health and about yourself. Most of all, he wants to improve all around, but he’s a stranger to narcissism, which restricts his rich and multifaceted life, one’s achievements at work.

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