Training with your weight: lose weight and don’t go to the gym

manygoodtips.com_21.04.2014_fi76M2HLPLR2eOn the calendar in April, and what does it mean? Not far off the warm weather! Perhaps for some, it’s already here — it all depends on where you live. Beach season, pool, volleyball, trips into nature, where all go bare-chested — reasons to lose weight before summer weight.

Key components of a successful weight loss is proper diet, weight training and cardio (sprints or a long moderate run). You can spend hours to argue on the subject the best strategy. You can do this until June, until it is time to remove the front of all t-shirt. But we will not waste time and note that any good program combines all three of the listed component.

We first tell you how useful it is to do at the gym. Our expert weekly advises you how and how not to train. However, if the opportunity to go to the gym no, that’s not a reason to run itself. It is an occasion to begin training with their weight and to change! Of course, this way you will not turn into a mountain of muscle and will not increase in volume, but these exercises will help you burn a lot of calories.

If your budget does not include going to the gym, if you’re geographically inconvenient to visit it or you don’t have the time to train without equipment.

Doing each of these exercises, squeeze from your body to the extreme. Play 60 seconds without a break and thought about the rest. Then stop for 10-15 seconds between exercises and 2 minutes at the end of the cycle. Have a drink and again start working until you run the program 2-3 times. You can alternate programs to not become boring.

Exercise is also good to finish a workout in the gym, if you’re in good shape.

Program 1

Squats — 60 seconds.


Exercise «Climber» is 60 seconds.


The bridge is for the glutes 60 seconds.


Pushups — 60 seconds.


«Bicycle» is 60 seconds.


Forward lunges — 60 seconds.

Russian twist — 60 seconds.


Some burpees — 60 seconds.


Program 2

Squats jumping with 60 seconds.


Leg raises from the prone position is 60 seconds.


Pushups with feet elevated — 60 seconds.


Plank — 30 seconds for each rune.


Jumping Jack — 60 seconds.

Poradi.s. ua_21.04.2014_IQDnBwtmnngkp

The attacks towards 60 seconds.

Twisting — 60 seconds.


High lifting hips in place — 60 seconds.


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