Training heroes: to get the victim out of the rubble

manygoodtips.com_5.11.2014_R4IijA1dOPer4Well, dude, it’s time for some brutal payback, it’s time to destroy all the alcohol and food calories that you’ve gained over the weekend. But the workout routine, as you remember, not for us. We want to train for a possible heroic deeds! You may want to relax with his girlfriend in the Philippines, and your stay is overshadowed by the sudden earthquake. If you can pull her from the wreckage? Or you and your friend, honored master of sports in ballroom dancing, rescued from a burning house, and then drops a part of the design and blocks the path to salvation. What then? Will be able to count on yourself and your strength to help someone in distress? Or at least to yourself?

It is likely you will never face such catastrophic situations, but consider this exercise as a kind of insurance policy with instant payments upon occurrence of an insured event. In this installment of the series «Workout heroes» we’ll give you the sets, designed for the development of speed, endurance, and muscle strength.

For this exercise we will concentrate on the development of the forces of the rise and development of the lower extremities. Therefore, the main exercise will be the Gakk-squats and deadlifts. To work with its usual weight. The other part of exercises is dedicated to the development of endurance. Well, lazy ass, shall we?


  • 1. Deadlift (5 sets of three reps; training maximum allowable weight for you);

Further, each exercise is done for 30 times with a minimum interval of time spent on leisure.

  • 2. Gakk-squats;
  • 3. Mahi weights;
  • 4. Pull-UPS on the bar reverse grip;
  • 5. Exercise with medicine balls;
  • 6. Pushups jump shift hands;
  • 7. The military press.

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