Training heroes: jumping over obstacles continue the series of articles about training heroes, because most likely you are not able to predict in advance where and in what conditions will have to show courage and strength, not hitting shameful face in the dirt. So, you already know in theory how to catch the thief and pull your victim. We hope that these training programs was useful and you learned to your training something new. Even if such cases risks are, think of it as another good way of motivation. Now it is time to learn to jump and to jump over obstacles with speed and grace of a snow leopard. Let’s get started.

As with past training sessions, this will be built on the balance between endurance and strength. The explosive power is pumped through high intensity workouts and minimal rest time between sets. At the end of training you will have to wait for sprint, fine develops lungs, the above-mentioned developing explosive power, which eventually will help you to jump much higher and overcome all kinds of seemingly unassailable peaks.


Work with a weight with which you normally train in the hall.

1. Taking on the chest with visa (Hang Cleans): 4 sets of 5 repetitions. Break between sets no longer than two minutes.

2. Jerk with dumbbells (Dumbbell Snatch): 15 reps on each hand.

3. Bounding (or long jump): 10 jumps.

4. A squat with jumping (Jump Squats): 30 times.

5. Push-UPS with the change of hands (Alternating Push-up): 30 times.

6. Jumping on JumpBox: 50 times.

7. Inclined pull-UPS (Inverted Row): 30 times

8. Sprint: 40 yards on five approaches. Minute rest between sets.

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