Training heroes: in the footsteps of Indiana Jones continue our series of heroic workouts, so again, sending you into a dangerous, although hypothetical, the journey. Most likely, you will never be a similar thing, but nonetheless, you as a real man, you must be prepared for any situation. Well, consider this a training goal as the motivation for fruitful work in the gym.

Now imagine this: you Fedora, you’re floating on a boat on the rough river full of alligators, and you and the lovely lady sitting next, being chased by bandits. Suddenly you realize that the river turns into a raging waterfall. You’re rowing with an oar, woman screams, panic is on the way, and get out of the boat, there is no way, well, except… to put a lady on the back and catch hold of a thick branch of a tree, so convenient and time bent over the water. In General, that easily gets up to Indiana in the movie, can you, only in real life, if you don’t take time off from sports and special exercises. According to tradition, the unchanging, the key point will be the development of endurance, explosiveness and power agility. The whole training set is based on a minimum period of rest between sets and is divided into three categories: novice, average, and ducks – depending on your level of athletic training.

So, let’s start:

Finish 30 reps for each exercise, unless specified otherwise. Weight to be used (3 categories):

Thrust dumbbells in the slope:

  • beginner: 20 kg;
  • so far: 40 kg;
  • weft: 70 lbs.

Farmer’s walk:

  • beginner: 10 kg;
  • so far: 20 kg;
  • weft: 40 kg.

Lifting barbells standing:

  • beginner: 20 kg;
  • so far: 30 kg;
  • weft: 45 kg.

1. Variables pull-UPS to chin – use a rope or towel;

2. Thrust dumbbells in the slope – use a rope or towel;

3. Farmer’s walk – the total number – 60 seconds;

4. Lifting barbells standing;

5. Plank – 120 seconds;

6. Lift leg raises – 20 repetitions.


  • Thrust dumbbells in the slope: watch your lower back, keep her straight. The lower body should not move during the exercise, hold the thigh in one place.
  • Farmer’s walk: if you’re easy with the chosen weight, increase it. Work needs to pass to the limit. Go at a slow pace.
  • Thrust dumbbells in the slope: it is necessary to limit the buildup of inventory during the exercise.

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