Training heroes: catching up with the thief

manygoodtips.com_1.10.2014_FZXKtE0S3giS0Deep down every man wants to be a hero. But, apart from this commendable desire, you need to have the required skills and appropriate physical training.

«Hero» is not meant the character disguised in a cloak, with combo set of gadgets or superpowers.

The feat is in every moment of our lives. Even if you never have to save the day, while in extreme conditions, it’s a fun way to motivate yourself for a productive workout, putting a certain goal. After all, life is the most unpredictable thing and you never know what awaits you around the next bend.

Or you can easily mountain Gazelle to jump on the roofs of buildings? If you have enough muscle strength and endurance to drag a wounded or injured person on his back?

And if you became the witness of how beautiful stranger snatched from the hands of the purse or handbag if you’ll be able to catch up with the bad guy to justice?

Today we will discuss workouts that will help you with the dignity to work last described scenario. In such a case, you need to develop explosive speed for the start of the sprint and endurance if you have to run a lot longer than you thought at the beginning of this risky but noble enterprise.

The first part of the workout, when our body is full of vitality and does not expect the trick, will focus on improving our «explosive» force. Also connected weightlifting and some elements of plyometric training. The second half of the training focused on improving endurance.


Deadlifts – the most productive exercise of all. It performing the deadlift athletes build huge muscle mass. When performing a deadlift involves primarily the following muscles: extensors of the back, buttocks, quadriceps and biceps femoris muscle, the latissimus dorsi, trapezius, forearms and biceps. That is almost 3/4 of the entire muscle mass will work actively in this exercise.


Sports methodology using the percussion method; in the modern sense — hopping exercise. Plyometrics is used by athletes to improve athletic performance that requires speed, quickness and power. Plyometrics is sometimes used in fitness and is one of the key elements of training for parkour. Plyometric exercises use explosive, fast movements to develop muscle power and speed. These exercises help the muscles to develop the most force in the shortest possible period of time. On the muscles is bilateral action: first, the exercise forces them to maximize, then almost immediately to shrink back.

The basis of this training — maximum intensity with minimal break between exercises. You can split the two sets of exercises for strength and endurance for two days. The average one workout is 20 minutes.

1. Warm-up

Some burpees: 2 sets of ten repetitions. After each dozen break not more than two minutes.

2. Workout

Deadlift: grab a weight with which you normally train in the gym, gradually increasing it.

3 sets of three repeats. Break between sets no longer than two minutes.

Jumping jump Boxing:

2 set of six jumps (120 seconds rest after each set)

2 sets of ten jumps (120 seconds rest after each set)

50 reps of each exercise:

1. Pushups

2. Kettlebell swings (Kettlebell Swing)

3. Horizontal pull-up (Bodyweight Row)

4. Squats

5. Lunges (50 on each leg)

6. Running in place with raised knees (High knees). The secret of success in synchronous movement of arms and legs, compressed in a fist, palms and relaxing the muscles of the face. (60 seconds)

7. Sprint — 4 sets × 10 meters. The break between sets, no more than two minutes.

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