Training heroes: carry the victim

manygoodtips.com_8.10.2014_QDtvQh5ZX47aMIn a General sense the hero is the person possessing and grace, and incredible courage, willpower and strength of the body. If you have there is a set of all these qualities, except the last, it is possible to correct with training.

We’ve seen a hundred times, as the characters stand on their back or in the hands of accident victims, but if you dare to repeat this trick without training, you can jeopardize your own life. Well, if your girlfriend sprained her leg when you were on tour in the mountains, as you Unscrew? Pretend to be dead just not to feel ashamed at the fact that I can’t help my woman?

Transport the person to a safe place is not an easy task. You need strength, endurance and proper technique. Brute force will certainly contribute to this task, but the right approach will help to take care safely for the victim and for yourself.

Development of endurance is another important aspect of this exercise, after all, if you’re in this situation, who knows how long you will have to drag back wounded body.

So, let’s start.

In order to increase your muscle power, focus on a basic exercise for developing explosive athletic power — taking on the chest. Will use a small number of repetitions with a large amount of time after each set.

In the operating mode «salvation» it is also necessary to focus on exercises to develop leg strength and pulling/pushing exercises that will help to transport an injured person.

1. Training program

1. Take on chest: 4 sets repeated 3 times. Break between sets – 2 minutes.

2. A set of exercises. 30 reps for each except the last:

    • farmer’s walk – 60 seconds;
    • gakk-squats, standing with a barbell;
    • Jim Woodman;
    • front squat;
    • thrust rod to the chin;
    • lunges on each leg with a weight;
    • Heavy Bag Walk (walk with a punching bag or sand bag) – 9 meters in six approaches.

2. Used weight

Start small, increasing gradually:

  • take on the chest – 30 kg, 45 kg, 70 kg;
  • farmer’s walk – 10 kg, 20 kg, 35 kg;
  • lumberjack press – 20 kg, 30 kg, 40 kg;
  • front squats – 20 kg, 30 kg, 60 kg;
  • thrust rod to the chin – 20 kg, 40 kg, 60 kg;
  • lunges on each leg with 20 kg, 30 kg, 60 kg;
  • Walk the Heavy Bag – 20 kg, 40 kg, 60 kg

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