Training for a commercial break

For the New year every second heroically promised myself to do sports and to do something with his nevadalas figure. Promise easily. To perform hard. After the Christmas holidays again began working on their perpetual haste, communities, plans and deadlines, and you barely make time to spend with his girlfriend or watch some more TV: not working. Where is the time to exercise? I do not know. Nobody knows. But his conscience still did not calm down.

And well she doesn’t calm down, I tell you. If you want to do something you. At least to get up an hour earlier, even though the money to spend on subscription to the pool or the gym, and if you do not have enough heroism, at least during the commercials to lift the ass and quick to train. So, dude, it’s possible.

Press for three minutes

I think the press requires many hours of work in the gym? I think we need to do twisting until your hair turns gray to see the slightest change? No, no and no again. Enough to spend three minutes a day. Three minutes. Cannot Express how little it is. You’re in the bathroom longer you stay, dude! Excuses are not accepted!

  • 30 seconds push UPS — as fast as possible.
  • 30 seconds — plank with push-UPS (while holding the bar, put his right knee right elbow, and then the same turn with the left side).
  • 30 seconds — plank jump (while holding the bar, jump up and stand forward, first the right leg and put the right of the hinges on the floor of the right hand, return to starting position, repeat with left leg).
  • 30 seconds mountain climber (standing in for the original strap and the legs perform a «running» movement: you tighten first one, then another to the chest).
  • 30 seconds — plank on the right hand (resting on the floor with your right hand and the arch of the right foot and raise the left arm up perpendicular to the floor).
  • 30 seconds — plank on the left hand (all the same thing, but on the other side).

Feet for three minutes

We must never skip legs this sin many dudes. They do exercises on the upper body, hands and press, but the legs do not touch. Error, dude! In this case, it shakes you on chicken legs. We do not need. We need to spend three minutes of your precious feet.

  • Lunges jump (3 x 10 on each leg).
  • 50 sit-UPS.
  • Squats with jumping (20 seconds then 10 seconds break — 2 minutes).

Some burpees

Here is an exercise for the steel balls. We already told you how to do some burpees and some of them use. Even if the app suddenly seems simple do not rush to conclusions. First try — then we’ll talk.

  • 45 seconds — classic some burpees (source position as for plank, push-UPS, legs in the jump pulled up to hands, jump up, land, home position).
  • 45 seconds — plank on right arm (rests a bent elbow to the floor, hips jerking pull to the ceiling).
  • 45 seconds — on the contrary some burpees (starting position — sitting on his haunches, resting his hands on the floor. Now hands going to the source for push-UPS here and come back, then jumps out and start over).
  • 45 seconds — plank on the left arm.

Core muscles

These guys are responsible for stabilizing the pelvis and spine, very big shot in your body. Them to pump harder, but the effect is very cool. Doubly pleased that you will do this within three minutes.

  • First exercise: lie on the floor on his back and his arms out to the sides, raise straight legs into the air. Now move the legs right and left side, touching them to the floor left and right. 30 seconds.
  • The second exercise: not get up from the floor. The legs bend at the knees, arms stretched along the body. From this position, begin to raise the butt to the ceiling.
  • The third exercise: the Russian twist. Sounds intriguing! Sit on your ass, feet slightly bend at the knees and tear off from a floor, hands in the castle. Now do the hand movement, as if something cut, omitting the imaginary axe left and right of the torso while slightly turning.
  • Fourth exercise: of the original, as for the slats. Stand right foot on the left side and relate to her knock with his left hand — the output — the same maneuver for the left foot.

Feel the pain

Here will only squats of all kinds, and it will be difficult. Guaranteed hard.

  • 30 seconds of squats (as fast as possible).
  • 45 seconds — squats with a step to the side (squat, climb, step left, Crouch, climb, step right, etc.).
  • 45 seconds popcorn-squats (feet together jumping bred them to shoulder width apart — squat down — stand up — jump link — and the new).
  • 30 seconds — squats with a delay (Crouch and in a position hang for 15 seconds, and 15 seconds sway a bit up and down a bit). Want more hardcore? Increase each interval to 30 seconds.

Now just do not grow your ass while watching TV!

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