Training after a breakup


It was many years ago — I lost the girl. The last thing I was expecting that one day it will become my excuse to write a column about fitness. To get in shape? To eat well? Are you kidding? After a breakup about this somehow I do not think. The only thing that bothered me is my love experiences and the prospect of never to see her next.

After some time after a breakup, a strange thing happened. Friends stopped asking me if everything was okay if I wanted to talk about, I drink in the morning — they started to bombard me with a million questions: «did you lost weight?» and «how do you suddenly become so deep?»

And the truth is: I compared the two photos before the breakup and after and it was like watching some kind of advertising of weight loss products. Here I am to, I weigh eight pounds more, such a conventional average type — and here I am afterquite a fit man in good shape. The fact that it happened so unexpectedly for me, I’m in shock. Once a woman told me that I have a body like Ryan Gosling, and she, first, was not my mother, and secondly, she treated the physical, which, I think, quite common in the way Ryan Gosling.

If you’re doing well, you’re doing a proven workout program diet, which helps you, and happy with my reflection in the mirror — well, Bravo, you can stop reading here. Seriously. But if you’re depressed, because no media don’t help, you don’t want to quit drinking or Smoking or you have other excuses, then, well, read. I will share with you their experiences and tell you how I was able to purchase the best shape I ever had in my life.

At first, I was starving

Yes, you read that correctly. When I look back, I realize that this is the most important step. After my then girlfriend dumped me, I spent three weeks barely eating. It was not intentional. I just got really depressed, bored, worried, and for the first time the food stopped being interesting for me. I like not to eat? Of course not. But it is clear: I don’t get pleasure at all from anything, what is there to talk about food. In short, I almost didn’t eat.

What happens when you stop eating? You very quickly lose weight. You will not write any logs, because these words sound like a call to the eating disorder. Maybe that’s what I’m doing. The simple fact is, that in our days the dudes at the age of well over twenty have a solid Zhivotovsky — all because they act like they are still in school and can eat what I want, not exercise and not gain a single gram. Yes, I from time to time hanging out in the gym, eating salad, and even rode a Bicycle — but the belly was stubborn and didn’t want to go.

Didn’t until I stopped eating.

After a couple weeks I took the belt to my pants, held that the already bad clung to mine in every sense an outstanding ass. And it was awesome. It was nice to think about how my ex will see me so thin and it’s not rushed if she and her fateful decision.

Suddenly, I got interested in yoga

It so happened that after the breakup I started hanging out with a guy who was one of those rare and weird dudes are very passionate about yoga. He was a sort of Chippenham in checkered shirt with a kind of careless hair, and he was in very good shape, for extremely cold sweat. A couple of times he took me to school, and I thought it was interesting. Also, I just broke up with my girlfriend, and I was pleased to escape from the sad thoughts, being in the company of ladies in tight pants.

Yoga has led me to make all kinds of strange posture in which I also had and still feel calm and it’s terrifying me entertained. Yoga has made me a real relief, and it’s a pretty interesting phenomenon. When I noticed that thanks to her, my body changing, I realized that I don’t want to leave.

By chance I became ecologicamente

I told you I partied with Chippenham? Hippen happened to the same and vegan. He ate only vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, cereals and were happy with it. Hippen was pleasant in terms of the lack of moral propaganda of this lifestyle is just hard on the benefits of vegetables for my body, and I became much more of all sorts of eggplants, cabbage, tomatoes and other things.

Prior to this my entire adult life I ate mostly fried dumplings and salad or salad because it’s delicious, and the vinaigrette helps to get rid of the molding veggies in the fridge. Hippen taught me how to cook different vegetable food, and I realized that the body had a lot more energy.

Of course, I do not call anyone to be a vegan — but I’m by nature such a type, which is not particularly interesting steaks and burgers. Fish — another thing, I can eat a lot, but that’s because bones do not like to cook. But if you buy in the supermarket steak and stick it in the oven — this is exactly what the doctor ordered.

In General, try. Through the month are guaranteed to feel the difference.

I read that 7-minute workout is much more effective than around the clock

Did you hear that? Seven minutes?! Seven minutes is going, and I began to combine this with yoga. Push-UPS, rocked the press, jump rope — choosing something alternated the exercises. It is important to do 30 second intervals and try to exercise as much as possible — in short, a bad seven minutes, I tell you. But there are only seven! So I replaced the short exercise his procrastination. All output lain and watch the series, but in the morning seven minutes to try for myself.

I started to get pleasure from obligations

Think, why is this garbage, if we are talking about fitness? I’ll explain. Many men are afraid of commitment and tried his best to avoid them. This is clearly seen when you’re in a relationship. Women first, waiting for you to come around — waiting, and then leave. And you start blaming them, instead of blaming himself.

Obligations apply not only to relations. This is the attitude of mind, and something like philosophy. This applies to my 7-minute workouts and yoga — these classes are much more useful than to see the end of her pictures in social networks and remember the lovely moments. Commitment is when you come home and cook a eggplant. You begin to see the full picture and have no illusions about what it could be in a hypothetical case.

So, you’re starting to look better.

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