Training a Roman legionary

manygoodtips.com_8.06.2015_vUDlbNshtx5pEPerhaps the best example of this dude should be the best in the world and throughout the history of the Roman army. Legions by force of arms took possession of a large territory, and an important role, in addition to courage, played physical training of the legionaries. It made them the best warriors of his time. And we decided to tell you what is included in the same training diet of Roman soldiers, part of which you can adopt.

You should start perhaps with the fact that physical exercises for the Roman youth was a kind of entertainment. And the loss of such a relationship to physical activity was the fact that the Roman legions became less consist of the Romans themselves.

Training in the Roman legions were divided into two types: personal training and military training. It is necessary to delineate these types of as personal training allowed to gain an advantage in individual combat, and military – to act harmoniously in the army.

But at the first stage, everything is clear. Legionnaire is primarily engaged in gymnastics, then drill and March. Classes are held in physical form, and sometimes additional loads fully armed. When I had the chance, the legionary was a swimmer. And only sakaliev his body, the warrior moved on to the exercises, the essence of which is in weapons. For working off of blows used special stuffed animals, also, the soldiers were obliged to be able to throw Darts and Dodge them. The bow and sling were required for the study. Completed training in horse riding. The development of personal physical advantages ended, and the Legionnaires moved on to group training.

Usually group sessions was to build and physical assistance to the provinces. It was thought that the dragging of the stones improves health and spirit. In addition, the Emperor received the extra labor that is cheap is hard to call, as the work of the legionaries always remained at a high level. The establishment of fortifications, bridges, and even, in some cases, cities have had a beneficial effect on military discipline.

1. Military step

manygoodtips.com_8.06.2015_4rhWWwa30x35VNothing was observed on the March or in battle as well as keeping down all the soldiers.

Vegetius «On military matters»so, rookie, caught five hours and go 29 miles at a normal pace, and after 35 kilometers accelerated. Oh yeah, don’t forget to fill a backpack with 20 pounds of some goods. Ask your friend to fit you with a stick if you dare to stop and catch your breath.

They were taught to overcome obstacles in the attack and retreat, to change the device and to replace certain units during the battle. Recruits are also taught to dissipate the battle line, because this skill could be useful in battle.

Plutarch, «Antony»

2. Practicing maneuvers

manygoodtips.com_8.06.2015_UxaaXnccFESrUEasy military move? Then it’s time to go to practice maneuvers. You must build your own squad and begin to practice different builds: caret, wedge, turtle (by the Way, «Turtle» is used nowadays in the crackdown). Of course, this is all you need to do quickly.

3. Fighting with swords

In training legionaries used wooden swords and practiced mostly working out thrust, not barbed (so you can inflict deeper wounds). Do training with a sword twice a day, and don’t forget to use the shield. A sword and a shield needs to be two times heavier than the military counterparts, to strike you can with a wooden pole, which you, of course, killed in his back yard. The pole shall have a height of six feet (almost 2 meters). Don’t be hasty and don’t rush to post, substituting its body under the blows of the enemy.

4. Swimming

You must be able to swim. Otherwise, how will you be able to Wade across the Danube in pursuit of the barbarian army? Do this thing in the summer, but be ready to cross the river and during the autumn campaigns.

5. Javelin – a formidable weapon of legions is a small throwing spear, the size and weight of which changed frequently because of the time, but it was always about 2 meters and a weight of 5 pounds. So, you have to learn how to throw. To throw a spear at a pillar, which you set before down in your yard, it will help you to develop the strength of the right hand and increase your accuracy.

6. Archery

Archery is one of the latest disciplines which he studied the Roman recruit. But this does not mean that bow was not a weapon. Defeat the enemy up to the moment he’ll get you, always a pleasure.

The left hand should stay in place, and the right – smoothly retracted, the eyes should be focused on the target. Soldiers should be able to shoot from standing, seated or on horseback. This ability is achieved only after rigorous training, daily practices and workouts.

Vegetiusis Also a useful exercise, isn’t it? As the target can use a circle of straw.

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