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Today we continue the topic of home training, dude. Of course, a personal trainer, it’s good and even very good, but not all bro can afford it. To be a science. Well-developed musculature without a system is not building as you try not to. That’s why we started talking about personal trainer: that is usually what he thinks, what exercises and how many should execute each his ward. We’ve found you an excellent alternative to the rough guides-pitching from the gym website Absolutely free it will help anyone to organize training on fitness and even take in a special diary records of their daily physical activities — thus, the site will store statistics about your workouts. Cool? Of course! In the news there is a second, less cool part: if you have iPhone or cellphone on Android, you can download a special application that will serve as your personal trainer.

Plan training

There are two ways to schedule a workout or using the web interface, or by using the above-mentioned program for mobile phones. First, you naturally need to register. If you want to plan the training on the website, you can do this in the section Training Plans: the site presents a variety of programs available for training, and everyone can find what he needs. One caveat: to get access to some training, you will have to pay (what did you expect?), but and free programs on the website is enough, especially for beginners.

home exercise

To make it easier to sort out this bunch of information, the creators of the site came up with a very convenient filter (located on the left). It will allow you to select exercises of interest to you sports equipment, and will also help to select exercises according to complexity and purpose: everything depends on what exactly you want to pump up. You can get acquainted and see what exercises it contains, how many repetitions and approaches imposed on any exercise, as you need to exercise regularly and the like.

The website allows you to create your own training program, but only if you have a paid account. Although, thought to himself: this is a difficult job zamorochko — why do extra work if the site has enough free content suitable?

Check in with the calendar

When you choose a suitable training programme (and it is not so easy: the choice is really wide), you will need to put it in your calendar of classes.

home exercise

The calendar is displayed in a grid of recent and planned sessions. Complex for each specific day, it is easy to see if you are interested in a date with the mouse. Here you can select the performed exercise, delete them, and fans of popularity even move the next day. Your virtual trainer will even explain to you how to perform each exercise: you must click on the name and you will see animated instructions. Until then walked progress! In the same way, you can view your progress and various other things.

App for your mobile

As we have mentioned above, it is possible to download the mobile client for iPhone and Android. We tested the Android app and was quite pleased.

In the mobile app, in principle, you can do the same thing. In addition, there is one amenity: a personal trainer. Training is built like this. Launch the app, open the calendar of classes and choose the planned set of exercises. Then you show how to do exercises (with graphical instructions), and you hear the voice of his coach: he encourages you, hurries, all exercises are performed under the account.

The program offers a fair number of repetitions and a very brisk pace, but do not forget that any time you can put the meter on pause, set the number of repetitions and even add in a complex of other exercises.

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