Train like rocky Balboa an unplanned celebration of life where you’re happy to play first, second, third and compote, you feel like podge, which is necessary to make enormous efforts in order to remove your ass from the bed. Maybe you have a head swollen like a pumpkin, after a hangover and you don’t know how to put together the pieces himself.

Today we back up your body, killed thousands of army of the calories with exercise «emergency» that uses all the muscle groups will help melt excess fat and lead you to life. This program is ideal for students and hobbyists to save money, because you don’t have to pay for a subscription to the gym or buying equipment. All you need is an ordinary ladder, the higher the better.

We slightly upgrade training, rocky runs the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art to a song by bill Conti «Gonna Fly Now», to work out all the body.

So, shall we start?


As you already realized, you need a ladder with 20-30 degrees. Mash, making 5 races up on speed in about 75% of the maximum. Each race is done without rest and pauses when you’re done, rest a minute and get to the main program.

1. Scheme 1

Begin to explore the foot of the staircase.

    • 20 pushups;
    • 5 races down the stairs on 100% speed, if you want, you can skip a few steps;
    • push-UPS on stairs: feet on the stairs – hands on earth.

Take a minute and do another two repetitions.

2. Scheme 2

1. Jump to the highest possible place 6 times, just don’t overestimate your capabilities. Injuries and bruises completely useless. Strike the right balance.

2. Jumping from the ground to the top step and back. And so 10 times. This is a simulation of jumping rope.

3. Take the emphasis lying down, move one leg forward and lean on it like you’re preparing to sprint. Then, switch feet. Of course, all this must be done as quickly as possible. 30 repetitions.

Take a minute and do another two repetitions.

3. Diagram 3

1. Squats on one leg: one leg on land and one on the step. 20 proprietary.

2. 5 races up the stairs.

3. Attacks on earth – 20 times.


15 push-UPS, 15 push-UPS from the first stage, 15 pushups from the second level to five. Widely placing of hands during push UPS, you maximally work the shoulders and the outer part of the pectoral muscles, whereas, narrowing the grip, focus on the inner part of the pectoral muscles and triceps, plus the exercise becomes more difficult.

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