Train like a Spartan

manygoodtips.com_27.08.2014_HF5TBT44s3XYlIn Ancient Greece, athletic and strong body was an integral continuation of the mighty mind. The theory of a healthy mind, which was only in a healthy body, played a crucial role in the life of the Greeks and Romans. The highest nobility were constantly arguing in whose minds the most acute, and the body beautiful.

In Athens there were three institutions in which he taught not only philosophy and science but physical culture. Lyceum (Lyceum) was founded by Plato and the Academy (Academy), his equally great pupil Aristotle. Plato often said that strength training can cure any disease, and as soon as the child begins to walk, it must involve physical culture.

The word «GYM» comes from the Greek word «gymnasium,» and the latter was derived from the word «gymnós», which translates as «naked.» The gymnasium was a very interesting place where men are trained exclusively naked, and the women there was no place.

It was the ancient Greeks created such a thing as «areté,» which characterizes the highest peak of mental and physical human development. For only the sacred harmony of body and soul, will fully understand the secrets of the universe and enjoy a happy life.

We already wrote about what ate the gods of Olympus, it’s time to talk about the fact that adhere to principles of nutrition athletes.

460 B. E. champion classic Olympics Dromeus developed a meat diet that has become very popular among his colleagues on sports shop.

It was very similar to modern diets for rapid recruitment of muscle mass. 10 days need to eat quality protein foods and vegetables that do not contain starch. No alcohol, strict regime, training on hard bark and no compassion or mercy to myself.

Strength training combined with exercise, endurance and flexibility. Special attention was paid to martial arts, which of the boys of Sparta were brought up brave and strong warriors.

When actor Gerard Butler was preparing for the filming of the movie «300» a few months, he trained under the program, which was based on the principle of cyclical training system CrossFit. It consisted of three cycles and three repetitions, doing them it was impossible to take a break. Butler performed one cycle for 19 minutes. The program increases muscle strength and works the relief due to the high intensity exercise.

Now you know what I’m doing tonight.

«The Program 300»

1. The wide grip pullups — 25 times;

2. Deadlifts (50 kg) — 50 times;

3. Pushups — 50 times.

4. Jump on jump box 60cm — 50 times;

5. Lift down — 50 times;

6. Lifting weights (16 kg) push up — 25 repetitions on each hand;

7. The wide grip pullups — 25 times;

The «star» coach mark Twait promises that exercising three times a week, after 4 months we will see impressive result.

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