Train like a marine you «having» in the army, or you just want to bring their physical form to perfection, then this article will come in pretty handy, because specially for you we have described a training program that applies in the US army. You say it’s not Patriotic, and we say: remember how to look these brave guys who spread democracy around the world. It is worth noting that in America, even if the General may not pass the standards for physical training, so he came into disrepair, and it was dismissed. In the end, we do not suggest you to join the U.S. army. We propose to learn from them the best for himself. So, platoon, equals! Airman, embarking on the study material! John Rambo approves of these exercises.

For starters, realize that the basis of all complex of training are running and strength exercises.



So, running. You have probably seen in the movies, like in war films the crowd of shaven-headed Marines are worn on sandy beaches and in General, any suitable running surface. Universal exercise for any time of year, it is useful for everyone – this cardiotherapy, and muscles toned supports. In short, lyapota! However, it is important to remember that it is not enough just to run. To do this effectively. The valiant soldiers suggest: while running, try to stay relaxed and keep the body upright. For more stability, slightly tilt the body forward during running. Don’t forget hands. Try to move them to the beat of the feet. Recommended method: at the beginning of running heel first and then toe push off the ground. This reduces the load on your long-suffering feet. Less blisters, more efficiency to the body.

Most importantly, as the bartender – the right mix. Mix Jogging for short distances with medium and longer. Short distances should be run at a fast pace, about 6 minutes per kilometer. Over time, increase the exercise to 30 minutes. Middle-distance waste 45 minutes, and don’t stint on the long – up to 90 minutes. It is clear that soldiers in General have nothing to do, and spend 90 minutes running is more fun than scrubbing toilets. But remember where and what they run. In the army everything is more difficult than in the civilian world, for any race can be considered a run with full kit.

By the way, after this «marathon» evil corporal ran up to the unfortunate rookie and proceeds to carry on a conversation. The soldier must be able to speak. To suffocate, but to talk.

The plan of escape is this: a few times a week for short and medium distances. On weekends large. Always improve your time and distance. Strive to carry from 18 to 25 kg of extra weight (put some load in a backpack, you can attach additional weights to the waist). Try to be like soldiers, or special training it will turn into a normal run.

Strength exercises


Now in America it has become fashionable to create a fitness camp, where lessons are based on the military exercises. In addition to daily loads, the «patient» offers a special diet that’ll whip bloated on big Macs American in proper form. Of course, the main essence of military training is not to make a soldier, slim and beautiful, but to make it resilient, to learn to move quickly and to carry yourself with uniforms and ammunition. For these purposes, in U.S. dungeons insidious American PE teachers created a special set of exercises for conveying the production of the perfect soldier. It is called «Complex 22», divided into exercises on the chest muscles, back, shoulders, arms and abs. Before you commence, study table, private.

So to pump up your chest, do:

— push-UPS;

— bench press;

— dips;

— side breeding with dumbbells lying on a bench.

This marine needs to be perfect bullish spin, so develop it:

— by pulling;

— hyperextension;

— of a thrust rod to the belt in the slope;

— incline with barbell on shoulders.

In the Marines does not happen puny effeminate toothpicks with shaved bare bones. The shoulders of a marine is his pride. They have to be wide to cover the sun the enemy.

For wide shoulders do:

— military shoulder press;

— dumbbell bench press on a flat bench;

— side breeding dumbbells standing;

— cultivation of dumbbells in the slope.

Hands. Soldiers without arms, as a chair without henna. Therefore, to hands – on a separate note, because hands need to be able to do everything: scrubbing toilets and to grab a wounded comrade.

Exercises for hands:

— bending hands with a barbell;

— traceptive push-UPS from the support;

— concentrated lifting on a biceps with a support on the femur;

— pull down on triceps with a rope handle.

And the press should be such that between the cubes could be caught insects. It needs to be strong as armor «Abrams», and even stronger. Ideally need to keep the shot from a grenade launcher.

Drill press:

— strand;

— leg lifts;

— V-twist (a pocket knife);

— side twisting.

The whole complex is based on the notorious and brilliant cross-Fite. However, Marines in the intervals between the complexes (probably for a change) are often forced to engage in pure cross-fitom.

The program generally is as follows:

— burpee;

— squats;

— push-UPS.

10 approaches. The first 10 times, then every approach increase the load by 10. Strictly? But it is effective. In General, use all of the exercises in this wonderful sport. About how effective this is, see in the news, well, the external appearance of the soldiers themselves. It’s not just some idealized, glorified in the media and in movies the image is really effective machine to… decide what.

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