Trail Running — running like camping

manygoodtips.com_20.02.2014_HSVvoPTXXaJdJLately it has become fashionable to return to the bosom of nature. Someone travels around the countryside on bike, someone goes Hiking and someone doing that… run in nature. In any case, it is a useful fashion, which even supports the people in a harmful peer pressure, but at least makes them healthy.

Trail Running — run in nature. Instead of going Hiking or riding bikes, you can take a lightweight backpack, run on soft ground, breathe fresh air and just have a good time. Trail Running — a fashion craze in the West, which is gradually coming to Russia. You can say that run through forests and fields — something that has always been the people! Of course, you’d be right, but always have any traffic or mass hobby is inspirer, rules and just followers. It is certainly good, considering that a lot of people just can’t live without an example in front of the eyes and to do something if not doing it with them someone else.

Trail Running refers to himself not just Jogging in the Park, and running with a wild beach, in the woods, in the mountains, between the villages on the way. Roughly speaking, it is a journey on foot across the country, the region, or at least the area near the house.

Good surface for running — soil and grass — not help to injure your knees and joints. A fresh breeze pleasantly blowing in your face, and you’re doing good quality business running. Not to say that it will help you to lose a little more than a bunch of weight (there are more useful ways), it’s a great way to maintain your health and have a good time. But, like most things in this world, Trail Running requires special equipment and training.

Ready to go on the road? Before changing the pavement or treadmill on the ground and the grass, do all these steps. Soon after the time — spring!

1. Choose the right shoes

Of course, the review will appear some guru who will tell you that it is best to run dad’s old shoes, which he bought in Germany, but it’s complete garbage, especially when you know how «sweet» sore knees due to incorrect technique. Regular sneakers for walking, sneakers and athletic shoes suited for running. You think they are comfortable, except that your knees don’t think so. After two years of frequent running you will feel a weird feeling in my knees and pain in the joints. Why buy running shoes and not be greedy.

2. Normal socks

What is not strange, there are special socks for sports. Untrained people may laugh at this idea, but it is categorically wrong. Socks with reinforced parts will be commonplace in less fade and prevent the formation of calluses and corns. A fun example of life. My friend with whom we go to the gym, constantly abraded jeans on one and the same place — just below the causal space. Once he even pants sports during a soldier’s thrust broke. The dude really thought long and hard why he erased his pants as a separate item of expenditure in the family was the pants and had to buy very often, to strong disorder dude spouses. It turned out that because of the huge tastes sumo-squats, deadlifts and Muay Thai guy so developed inner thigh that she was triturated jeans while walking or running on two sides. And you say, socks.

3. Insulation and moisture protection

Nobody wants to cool, SuperCool or breathe cold droplets of air. So Hiking sporty, warm yet lightweight jacket to help you. Prices on equipment, by the way, is very different. You can buy relatively cheap clothes of good quality (I recently bought a waterproof jacket for 300 rubles on sale, good, by the way), but you can buy a really fucking expensive cloak with a complex ventilation system that will force you to get wet after the first rain to the bone. We need to understand and ask on the forums torag!

4. Running along the ground is very different from running on asphalt and treadmill

First, because other muscles. Legs, feet, core muscles (the muscles to stabilize the hips, pelvis and spine), buttocks — all of this is included, because the landscape of the area, to put it mildly, uneven. You have to run uphill, on rough roads or down the mountain. If we add to that running on wet ground, in the mountains or on the sand, then you feel those sore muscles that you never knew existed.

5. Scout the path and pave the route

Even if you go on the train for a few hours in advance set the sat NAV to avoid problems — for example, having to stop to walk a little walk. It is advisable to walk the route on foot to understand, you can run on this track, not leads nowhere and is a quick way bypass.

6. Take friend

It is advisable to run the company. Over time, of course, you will be able to run one. The most unpleasant that can happen — you will drive the legs or you will get lost. Friend needs to help you. Also it is a useful motivation.

7. Do not look down

Yes, I understand that under my feet could be rocks, roots, or animal burrows. But it’s a great way to get lost, to lose his mind and confuse myself. And yet it can be well applied on the ground when momentarily lose consciousness because of the constantly lowered head. A great way not to get lost is to look ahead and slightly to the ground, remembering what lies ahead of you.

8. More short but quick steps

To maintain the balance. With lots of obstacles and unusual terrain is not the time to think what is the distance you have overcome, just how.

9. If the path of the obstacles, go to step

Boulders, hills, slopes — no one will kick you because you moved a step. You’re not in gym class! So just to avoid injury!

10. Prepare yourself for mileage

Strengthens, legs, thighs, buttocks and lower leg. Well suited for this Cycling, deadlifts, and other weight training and cardio on the step. For the first run it is advisable to take more or less flat terrain, but not asphalt.

11. Drink water

Of course, not while running. You lose a lot of water when running in this mode. It is better to stay, drink, relax and run.

12. Learn to share

On your way in the tourist season certainly meet turaga, cyclists and other guys. With them you can share, you strengthen the brotherhood Torah.

13. Do not destroy nature

Don’t throw bottles, don’t break branches, try to be invisible: the nature and so have very little.

14. Take to eat something

My friend-the cyclist always takes with him on long trips nuts and peanut mixes. This is a very good option because they have a lot of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. You can also bring crackers or bread.

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