Toys with grown-up price

manygoodtips.com_18.12.2014_Y9msynDVbWS2OToday we will please your inner child and have a little delve into the past, where you sit surrounded by their favorite toys, and robots. Maybe you’ll find some toys from the list on the attic and finally get rich in the next thematic auction? Still extra penny in the crisis and even before the holidays won’t hurt.

1. Sega Genesis


Cult console 90, which, according to parents, burned the CRT TV once or twice. Modern technology of video games has long surpassed all that was contained in that black plastic inside, but in the US the Sega Genesis and earlier sold to collectors for a few hundred bucks.

2. Hot Wheels Bye Focal

For the sake

The first toy model Dodge Challenger style diecast mini racer was released in 1971 and it was released on the market only two years. This machine was reissued in 2003, and its cost amounted to 4 hundred bucks.

3. Talkboy


About this thing dreamed every child who watched «Home Alone 2». Talkboy is, in fact, a simple cassette recorder, but its cost now is over $200.

4. Bounty hunter Boba Fett


For anybody not a secret that commemorative paraphernalia of the Saga Star Wars can bring a few gold coins for their owners, but this tiny Boba Fett is literally worth its weight in gold. The best price of toy work on Ebay – 18 478,93 rubles.

5. The Original Game Boy


Handheld game console developed and produced by Nintendo, is now worth more than $500.

6. Power Rangers


New blockbuster dedicated to an incredible adventure in latex, will be released on wide screens in the summer of 2016. Old toys on this topic are increasing in price every half-year. Here’s what you need to invest the ruble. Now the cost of a complete vintage sets of toys is around three hundred thousand rubles.

7. The Original Optimus Prime


The original version of the famous transformers 1985 year of birth with box and all personal belongings would cost to a collector for $5,000.

8. LEGO train


This particular train was retired in 1993, although a toy, the Corporation continued to release a version that is vaguely similar to the previous one. Now, if you found and sold LEGO train with the ‘ 90s, you would have enough money to buy a ticket for the train, and long distance.

9. Dinosaurs from «Jurassic Park»


These electronic T-Rexes are worth over $200. Maybe it makes sense to sort through a box of my old toys that is in your basement?

10. Furby


The company producing these horrible, furry interactive bags with electronics earlier, brings forth a new version, but the original, first toys still being sold and they are in excellent condition. Only 500 bucks and you’re a happy owner of this killer’s psyche.

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