Tourists risk their lives for the sake of jump James bond

The fans and loyal fans of movies about James bond flocking from all over the world in Switzerland. Why? Their goal is to jump as agent 007 in 1995.

Not only that, visitors risk their lives, they are willing to pay £ 170 in order to obtain the lion’s share of adrenaline.

This film was a debut for Pierce Brosnan. In the picture shown, as he rushes fearlessly into the abyss while looking into the camera and fires his gun. Looks like it’s simple. But tourists and fans on their skin know how difficult the fate of their beloved hero — agent.

The height of the dam is 220 meters, that’s why not everyone dares to jump, some are even afraid to approach the edge. But of course there are those people who in order to jump as their favorite hero James bond are willing to risk their health and lives.

While this shop is not closed and the tourists continue to play and to unfasten a lot of money for such entertainment.

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