Tourists hijacked a tour bus in Barcelona

manygoodtips.com_22.06.2015_C4cdsLBCVNLblIn all the time, while there will be there will always be idiotic news. Change design, some authors will replace the other, but the world as they put idiocy on an industrial scale, and will deliver. And that’s what happened in a safe that requires independence Barcelona. And no, nothing to do with drunken Russian tourists!

Two youths, who allegedly came to town as tourists, hijacked a tour bus.

Weak stomach, the driver wasn’t feeling very well, stopped the car and went to the toilet one of the bars. Meanwhile, the boys climbed into the empty bus and had gone to enjoy the beauty of the city for free, but not for long lasted occasion. After half a mile the hijackers crashed into a parked car. However, the reckoning for their deeds and not followed. The boys fled before police arrived. Their identity is not established, so Spain tremble!

Maybe you guys inspired feat the inhabitant of Izhevsk, who in 2013 stole a bus to get home. However, the father of the kidnapper is highly recommended to go to the police to confess to the crime, go to jail and never emerge.

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