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manygoodtips.com_13.03.2015_F9NldPq4Ix3msRemember, we wrote about how to travel frugally and ways to save money while traveling? But now imagine that you have arrived, the money you have is not increased. But you madly want to explore the beauty and attractions of the city. What will you do? Hire a guide? Wrong! You live in a time when the main tool is the time and the main weapon is knowledge. Here’s the info about the free services and programs that will allow you in foreign lands to soak up the cultural spirit and see real art for the mere thank you.


The guide is 50% of good experiences. Even the most stingy on the facts excursion a good guide is able to turn the idea. But on arrival do not rush to hire him. We share your desire to touch the history under the comments of an expert, but look, they want to eat, their children also want to eat, but because their services are not cheap. Most often they have no license guide, and the story is based on text from Wikipedia. Rare guide will show you in all its glory the essence of the settlement. It is easier to make friends among the local population. In many countries, tourists are treated as blessed. Embrace it, start Dating. You will treat, feed, all tell and show, and will even touch it. Especially in the southern countries.

But if no luck with anyone to learn, don’t waste money on the audio guide. Terribly inconvenient thing. Google and all the information from the historic monument at a glance. Be your own guide. In General, we strongly recommend that before somewhere to go, at least briefly acquainted with the history of the major attractions. At least in order not to look like an idiot and guess what this building is: temple or an old prison?

There is an old guerrilla way: annexe to the group with a guide. As a rule, large groups, not all know each other. Importantly, the guide spoke in plain language to you.



The most popular museums and attractions never have problems with finances, so periodically shares. Some days the entrance is free. And in order to get to the Grand Metropolitan Museum of Beijing, in which more than 200 thousands of ancient sculptures and everyday objects, have to get up early. The first 4,000 visitors who came to the Museum opening at 9 am, allowed absolutely free! However, prepare yourself: these «lovers», as you will be very much. Such shares are not so much. Alas, but in order to enjoy the masterpieces in China need to pay a lot of money. It is understandable that this money is used to drawing on a vintage canvas could be distinguished, because time does not spare even the masterpieces.

In General, the Museum will not leave you culturally hungry. Because «Tea» is to go not just for non-traditional medicine and exotic food. But for food for the soul.


Madrid Museum Prada (not the clothing brand) in importance can be compared with the Louvre, the Hermitage and the National gallery in London. I want to visit? Of course! Usual ticket prices in the Prado is quite high: 14 Euro regular ticket, 23 € – entrance and audio guide at the Museum. However, children under 18 and students under 25 the entrance is free. However, if you’re a little older to visit the main Spanish Treasury culture is free from Monday to Saturday from 18 to 20 hours, and on Sundays from 17 to 20 hours. In addition, the Museum is open all day for free admission on 19 November and 18 may, international Museum Day). Yes, there are huge queues of people wanting, but it’s worth it: to see the works of Velazquez, El Greco, Goya, Titian, Rubens and Bosch. Here they are generous, these Spaniards. No pity at all.


In Paris, evaluating the profit from ticket sales and its greatness, also decided at least once a month to open the doors of museums for free. On the first Sunday of the month all museums are free. But you want to see the Mona Lisa! So I go to the Louvre. Don’t tell me don’t want: every third arrives in the French capital for him.

By the way, is a plus from a free access repository. Because usually when you go there with a normal ticket, which now costs 12 euros, I’d rather you go the mandatory route and see therefore only a «must visit».

And when you come, don’t be alarmed: at the main entrance (the glass pyramid) is always raging crowd. Pay attention from the side of the Seine there is an additional «Lion’s gate». There are people much less, you can go to his La Gioconda, passing time expectations. Yes, in «Eurotrip» did not lie when describing the queue at the Louvre.



While in London, do not hurry on foot to circumvent the metropolis. Turn in «London Free Walking Tour» and book a free 2 hour tour to the most famous attractions of the city. In our opinion, the Creator of this tour should be given the Nobel prize for humanity to tourists. Its essence is: the guides are usually students who are looking for a practice lead you through the cities. If you pay a measly 7 pounds, it will be in another city. But it doesn’t matter. The creators promise you a bright and unforgettable show of the tour altruists. Why altruists? You can pay a tip if you want! Do not want – do not pay. Of course, in the evening in the pub they’ll wish you and your offspring bad disease, but nothing, hang around the neck of an Indian amulet, and everything will be fine.


Well, if you’re in Belgium, then consider yourself lucky! Volunteers from the company Brussels Greeters offer visitors a free tour of Brussels and dive into the special atmosphere of this city. As you can see, not only in our country, the basis of free labour are volunteers.

The Brussels Greeters tour guides will lead visitors with unusual and often closed from the eyes of tourists. Each guide will show your favorite parts of the city: streets, parks, and even bars.

Guides and volunteers speak eleven languages, addicted to everything. Well, you can pick up the age guide is from 25 to 75 years.

In order to participate in a free walk around the Belgian capital, you need to fill out a form on the band’s website, declaring your tour preferences and interests, to leave your contact details, address, phone number, and the address of the place where to stay in Brussels. Then one of the volunteers will contact the tourist by e-mail to discuss the details of excursions. However, they leave or in French or in Flemish, one of the two official languages of the country.

Guides do not drive through the museums and famous tourist information. But they can, for example, to drink, to see the nooks and crannies with the secret history and to get acquainted with the peculiarities of local everyday life and holidays.

Be prepared to walk or use public transport. For a guide do not need to pay anywhere else.


In the Northern capital also conduct free tours. One of them around the Mikhailovsky castle, the second – the so-called » Masonic Petersburg, apparently, and therefore free. For this you just need to register on the website. A lot of the city is held in Moscow. As a rule, lead to monasteries, old streets, and the guides tell you what not read the books, although as lucky. The main thing – to find.

An alternative way

Lucky if you or your friend have a special accreditation. Pavarsi her in front of the faces of the administrators and you immediately get into the theater or the Opera. With museums that are unlikely to help, but at least Opera will listen. That’s the power of journalism in Europe.

I hope that these tips will help you and you have a good rest. And your new friends will be good people and not criminals who will take your last, and take into slavery.

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