Total immersion in virtual reality with Oculus Rift

manygoodtips.com_12.05.2015_1Jttfw6Wqjf1lIt seems that the beginning of 2016 will be a very hot period in the recent history of virtual reality glasses, when the market will be three completely independent development: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Project Morpheus. But despite this, our current «main character» – Oculus VR has enough aces up its sleeve, the most important of which is to support one of the largest social networks on the planet, because for those who don’t know, the Oculus belongs to comrade Zuckerberg, so if you registered in Facebook, then get ready for an endless stream of information about glasses. They won’t let you forget about them.

This version promises to be much better than the previous one and make in the end a revolution in virtual reality. Despite the presence of worthy competitors, the Oculus say much more. So let’s take a look at what we are preparing the Lord Carmack and Lucky, and how great the likelihood is that even by the LEM and king invasion of such «hats» will be held in the next 2016.

Features Of Oculus Rift

So, as has been said, the consumer version of «virtual reality» will be launched in the first quarter of 2016. For those who still writes in her diary «2014» looks like: it’s less than a year. Although it is possible options like with GTA V on PC. Especially at first, the boys from «Oculus» had planned to release the unit on sale in 2015. Moreover, the founder of Oculus and inventor of the Oculus Rift, Palmer Lucky previously announced, which should happen something catastrophic to release a virtual reality device was moved in 2015.

Characteristically, the release will take place shortly after the release of Vive from Valve and HTC, and about the same time, when you plan to release Project Morpheus. In General, you can choose whatever you want.

The final build based on a prototype Crescent Bay, but much more refined and improved. The final specifications will be announced later. The main advantage is the structure of the screen and optics, so the pixels should not be visible.

A new model of the Oculus Rift has become a bit smaller and lighter. It is always nice when it comes to the items that sit on your head. But inside the differences are more serious.

First, a conventional liquid crystal matrix replaced by a matrix of organic light-emitting diodes, known as Amalette screen. Higher resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels. For each eye is 1080 x 960. The creators assure that pixels will not be visible at all. Around the body are infrared LEDs and the kit put the tracker that will track the position of the head. Well, built-in removable headphones. Built-in removable… Fatal System Eror…

There is another obvious plus: the device is adapted for people with poor eyesight. Included is lens and for farsighted and nearsighted. And glasses Oculus does not interfere in any way.

Manufacturers, placing his hand on the Bible, solemnly swear that head after 10 minutes of use will not spin even in individuals with the weak vestibular apparatus. But this was observed in previous models, when the old seamen, in desperation, ran to the sink. A full immersion. However, the final specifications will be announced later.

The Possibilities Of The Oculus Rift

How much was said about the opportunity to see the masterpieces of not only the artistic masterpieces of pornography in these glasses. Supposedly, breast and bigger, and brighter experience and women do not need. Perhaps only for the sake of this feature, many lonely hearts will break their piggy banks and buy these masterpieces. However, it may be a little uncomfortable when in front of your eyes hang massive «trunks» of the black population of the planet. How pornography affects, say enthusiastically-the frightened faces of foreign retirees.

Well, in the first place – computer games. In General everything was done with an eye on gamers. Indeed, total immersion in virtual reality. Only, not every game will work with «Oculus» in any case, will have to wait. But many are willing to give your life to see your favorite computer monsters in full. Or, at least, to feel the full presence of «War Thunder» and on their skin to feel what she is the life of the pilot. The inability to actually see your hands and fingers – it’s incredibly concerned. I looked left and there was playing space on the right is the same. It’s surreal and just great.

Well, the obvious advantage is the fact that creating games for the «rift» came from the legendary «pop» then close right from childhood – his Eminence gaming John Carmack. What’s the capture «Oculus» slows down the release of new games from the Maestro.

Anyway, everyone who watched the video or some other nonsense through the Oculus, it was with his pants full of delight. Such a compelling thing.

And it’s a great opportunity for those who, for one reason or another can’t, say, enjoy riding on a «roller coaster», or who do not have enough extreme in life. In any case, it’s much safer than climbing on the spires of Stalin’s skyscrapers. Although many are worried about what «virtual reality» completely will kill in us the spirit of adventure, which lived more than one generation, and will chain us to the chairs.

On the other hand, look at this annoying positive! After such involuntarily want to pre-order, not to look at the points, like Robinson on candy.

The nuances

Why do people seem so fascinated by Oculus Rift? Hardware is very impressive and certainly will change your impression of the game turned on its head. However, if you can hear rave reviews from people who played in «the Oculus», meaning they are immersed in virtual reality high for 20 minutes.

See, the Oculus won’t make the game better; if it match, and even boring, it is better she won’t. Sometimes you just really want to distract from the gameplay. And here it is necessary to remove both the fifth and the tenth. And there is such problem: to see someone else sneaks in the back, you need to turn your head. Need enough to rotate the head a bit tiresome.

Not cheap, but if I may: every day such a marvel of technology you use will not. It’s just hard. Many, including competitors of «virtual reality» glorious office of Valve, note that the massive demand points to use will not. First, many such device will be as before far, for others – too expensive, well, and still others just don’t understand why this is necessary.

It understands and the Creator of the Oculus – Palmer Luckey:

«I don’t think they (people) understand that VR can be applied in their lives. And then a lot of people who know what VR is, see technology as a tool for the game Halo, locked in the basement. At first I wanted to fix it and call another game, but that’s what grandma would’ve said, «That, again, connects to Nintendo and play Halo?»

Over time the perception will change and BP will be included as a mainstream in the areas of film and communications. Once that happens, people will understand that BP is convenient for your daily life and not just for teenagers, fanateyuschie from the games. But changing this perception will not be easy».By the way, about the money. Talk about the cost of the Oculus Rift goes, no less than talk about its capabilities. Although it is probably more correct to say, about your opportunities, «the Oculus». Some argue that the price will not exceed $ 200, in that slightly hard to believe, the other that about $ 350, which is more likely. Although the leadership says that the magic glasses will be available to the masses.

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