Torture in the age of humanism

manygoodtips.com_13.07.2015_U182Y3v0vdCIoWhen you hear the word «torture», then vividly imagine the shackles, the middle ages and the guilty court a Lord, and maybe the Inquisition and heretics. At that time, torture was essentially for the sake of torture would be more humane to kill a prisoner than to torment it in all possible ways. Naturally, during various wars, the purpose of torture is to crush the enemy, to scout out information, and to humiliate the enemy. This is quite an effective tool used not once in any country on this planet. And democratic Athens and militaristic Rome equally tortured by their own citizens or others.

Now torture is smoothly migrated into the sex culture, so we learned that girlfriends love BDSM and whips, well, some dudes too. But remained a torture in the classic sense? Of course. And hardly a day will come when they will disappear completely. The truth of the confessions, which makes man under torture begs many questions. Even the military Charter of Peter I took into account the possibility of slander of himself and his family under torture. So, in some cases, this procedure carries a very questionable benefit.

Generally, all that is worth knowing each inhabitant of the planet, is the fact that torture is prohibited by international law. The ban is regulated by the UN Convention of 10 December 1984. At present, the Convention joined in 127 countries, including Russia.

As you guessed, this time we will look at some examples of locations for the carrying out of torture that have taken place in recent history and we will begin, perhaps, with the most «democratic» country in the world.

1. Abu Ghraib, Iraq

manygoodtips.com_13.07.2015_PQXqQ6ptXACgAThe famous prison in Iraq, which for a time became the hero of all the news of the world. The reason for this was the torture that was used by American soldiers against prisoners in Iraqi prisons. Abu Ghraib is not an ordinary prison, there are not common criminals, there to languish in obscurity, people who are involved in the crimes of the Western coalition forces.

The court ordered the Ministry of defense to reveal facts of torture, which took place in the prison. That, actually, they did, giving the General public access to the photos. The photos clearly show that the prisoners were beaten, dragged on leashes, like dogs in the corridors, rode, were forced to catch food from the toilet, and used various torture tricks, such as «torture, awkward postures» (the prisoner put in the uncomfortable position that he had to keep to not be followed by the electric shock from the wires that connect to the genital organs and extremities. The advantage of such torture is that it leaves no visible signs of violence).

But do not think that the American soldiers were the most ferocious monsters in the history of this prison. During the reign of Saddam Hussein, the prison was referred to as «the torture Center of Saddam», where only in one year (1984) was executed on 4 thousand people. Known for his «love» to the Shiites, who were generally forbidden to communicate with the outside world.

In April 2014 the Iraqi government decided to close the prison for fear of its seizure by terrorist groups.

2. Guantanamo, USA

manygoodtips.com_13.07.2015_WQf4jWm7uEsPiAnd again distinguished American military. In fact, the base itself is located on Cuban territory, but has the status of a possession of the United States on the rights of perpetual lease. Guantanamo Bay is a headache for any defender. It contains terrorists of all stripes, and the States less disposed to respect the rights of terrorists. So there is a record number of human rights violations. Barack Obama after taking office, the President was eager to disband and close the prison, but his request remained unfulfilled, and the prison is still functioning.

But this is understandable. Held the most notorious assholes who are guilty of mass murder in the name of «faith.» If you’re just a guy who is in such a place, it’s hard not to advocate torture, right? Especially if your family was blown up on some homemade bomb. On the other hand, the line is difficult to see, and we need to punish those people who lives would be in prison, if not get the death penalty.

There is a very good film that clearly illustrates the school in all its glory, the name of this movie – «the Road to Guantanamo». And advise to look to all those who likes to argue that torture can be justified. What could be better than a real story about real people who have found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time?

3. Gldani prison, Georgia

manygoodtips.com_13.07.2015_oucwPgdLfJp9QScandal of 2012, the result of which was the dismissal of the Minister of internal Affairs of Georgia and to discredit the government, occurred upon the publication of the Georgian media, the videos of torture in a Georgian prison. It shows the extremely cruel bullying close to rape. The guards tortured even teenagers, to say nothing of «adult» prisoners. Were opened criminal cases against 10 employees of the prison, as well as a number of the places of deprivation of liberty decreased from 19 to 17.

Makes you wonder what if every country has such a practice, just in the media, no motivation, no evidence to publish such a thing?

4. China

manygoodtips.com_13.07.2015_kQmQjgQLTtbYiChina has long been famous for his love of torture. The history of the East know what we’re talking about. However, the old days for thousands of years lurking in the dust, and the celestial still cannot unlearn their habits. Professor Chen Unisan of the Law Institute of the Chinese Academy even made a detailed list of used torture.

The list itself consists of 13 items, but list them all we would not like, although some should be mentioned in the article:

Hanging – man hung down his head, and after or a beat, or waiting for, when the blood will start rushing to the brain.

The chaining of hands behind back – heavy shape: one arm through the shoulder downwards, the other arm up behind his back, then bind my hands behind my back; because of this torture the person has a cardiac exhaustion, and he dies.

The burning fire is there to say do not want to this penalty can be attributed to the application of burns with cigarette butts, which are practiced primarily on women.

This is a very strong light in the eyes – blindness, exhaustion and loss of vision. From this torture, you can go crazy.

The pitting of dogs to humans , «the dog – man’s best friend?»; in China they can use in order to see how they bite you apart. Atrocity, one word.

Re-enactment of the shooting of the interrogation – like is a very strong psychological effect. Fear of death is a good motivator to testify.

And so, because China is also a signatory to the Convention 84 years of torture. Well they do it.

4. Enhanced interrogation techniques, USA, such a concentration of the torture methods used by the us government, is not accidental. After the terrorist attack of September 11 literally «went» in this area. The fight against terrorism has risen to a qualitatively new level. It was necessary not only to catch criminals and prevent new crimes. We can say that a fee for world hegemony: hates every other country in the world. Therefore, the CIA did not hesitate to use brutal methods against the terrorists. Even rapists and serial killers are much better than those who planned the attack.

Gentleman’s set of the CIA includes:

Water torture – water pressures well change your decision not to talk about their accomplices. Usually the torture was as follows: pre-immobilized prisoner lay on his back, and then put it in your mouth a water source (hose, for example). Strong water pressure that flows in the respiratory tract, gives the convicted person the illusion that he’s dying (suffocation). In the history of such torture often used by the Inquisition, and now us intelligence agencies, or various dictatorships.

Beating – just good old (or rather evil) is a classic that is familiar to us from the game «good» and «bad» police.

Torture is an uncomfortable posture – we wrote about it a few above; specify only that not always connect the wires to the body, sometimes torture is to commit the person for hours.

Sleep deprivation – often say: «want to Sleep – sleep,» but tell that to the agent of us intelligence.

Torture music – no, it’s not what you heard in the club last Sunday, although close to it. Different cultures react differently to what we like ourselves. Thus, a bike that militants tortured music of «Metallica», is true. However, any music will be torture if you listen to the album at high volume for several days non-stop. Such a practice in questioning suspects. If you want to hear the hits from Guantanamo Bay, then put in the search engine «Guantanamo»s Greatest Hits». Now, our editorial staff is listening to «Shoot to Thrill» AC/DC.

Many people simply went crazy. I’ve heard people Bang their head against the wall and screamed.

Binyam Mohammed, a review on the music of Dr. Dre and EminemThey can’t take it. When the metal plays 24 hours, the functions of the brain are broken, the thinking process slows down, breaks will. Then we go to the camera and begin questioning.

Military psychologist USASexual humiliation rather than torture and a travesty, which, however, often used worldwide as a demoralizing technique against the opponent (see the current conflict in Ukraine). Variations humiliation depends only on the imagination of the artist. In Abu Ghraib, for example, stripped the prisoners put on each other in a kind of pyramid, and then were photographed on their background.

Cooling – no, the prisoners were not given a glass of Cola with ice. The temperature of the body artificially driven negative, leading to hypothermia is a very unpleasant condition that is the logical opposite of heat stroke.


It is easy to see that in different countries torture was used in different ways. In some, such as the United States, torture is designed for the real business. Although this does not reduce the beastly nature of techniques themselves. In others (China) torture may not have any particular meaning and serve as largely a tool for satisfying their sadistic. This phenomenon, like slavery, have come from that time when began to appear the first state, but it now lives, and people prefer to turn a blind eye to similar, or to look for weak excuse. You can, of course, to see the world through the eyes of the supporters of these methods, but we probably will not do this.

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