Top 7 sports that you should try before you kick the bucket

manygoodtips.com_1.12.2014_a7bgmZiafQ1w4Many of us fall into the world of sports, haven’t really learned to walk under the table, and some people make their own choices based on personal preferences. Football, basketball, hockey, swimming, wrestling – these sports are chosen by millions of people. But how about not such popular games, but definitely worthy of attention? Today we will introduce you with what you should try at least once in their life.

1. Ultimate Frisbee

This game is a combination of Frisbee, football and a great workout that gives a good load on the cardiovascular system, and also helps to keep your hands and feet in great shape. It’s a team game, the aim of which is to earn points by passing a disc through the air with a pass to the player of your team in the zone of the enemy. If the disk does not reach and falls, then it is passed to the opponents. The main feature of this sport is the lack of judges. There are the gentlemanly behavior and team spirit.

2. Championship wearing wives


Dude, as soon as you tie the sacred knot for life, go on a honeymoon to Finland, where you will be able to carry his woman on his hands and still make money. The championship pays homage to the days when men would kidnap their future wives from the paternal home. Your family friendly team will be invited race: race for the 250-meter track with a fairly heavy water-and ground obstacles, while the wife needs to hang upside down, holding on to your mighty neck. If a girl weighs less than 49 kg, then at you and hang the backpack with weights, all were in equal conditions. A chance to win is for everyone who have filled the application form for participation in the Finnish village of Sonkajärvi. This is a sport that helps develop coordination, stamina, and interpersonal relationships, important not to miss the wife’s face in the dirt.

3. Bike Polo


The replacement of horses on bikes – and you will have all the necessary equipment to compete in bike Polo. This game was invented in Ireland a century ago, but the peak of popularity caught the sport in Seattle in 2000. Worldwide bike Polo is rapidly developing, and in major cities of our country too, there are fans of this sport. The game has clearly defined rules, the nuances of these rules and a particular etiquette that must be followed. This is a great workout to all the limbs and coordination.

4. Sepak takraw


It’s kind of a combination of volleyball, soccer and gymnastics. Unlike volleyball, you can’t use your hands to hit the ball. Need to hit it with any other parts of the body, including the head, shoulders, knees and feet. Fans of this game keep saying that as if they were not in competition, but on a movie about ninjas – so all occurs rapidly, sharply and gracefully. The aim of the game is to not let the ball fall on your side of the field, and score as in volleyball. Sepak takraw uses every muscle in your body, the muscles will burn from the strain, plus you will be provided a great stretch.

5. Brazilian JIU-Jitsu


A martial art based on ground fighting, which is mostly used locks and chokes, designed so that even the worst deadbeat using a certain technique that can overcome the two-meter men. It is a sport that has numerous advantages: total body workout, increased self-esteem and confidence, acquiring the skill of self-defense, achieve balance, both physical and mental.

6. Chessboxing


As you already understood from the title, is a hybrid of Boxing and chess. Chessboxing is intended to rid the world of stereotypes, where boxers need to head just for food. Developed muscles and intelligence – things are completely compatible, and this truth constantly prove athletes since 2003 year. The rules are fairly simple; 11 rounds even – box, odd – «quick chess», a minute break between rounds. Victory define knockout, technical knockout, checkmate or delay the amount of time allocated to think about chess moves.

7. Quidditch


Yeah, dude, we’re not wrong. Adult men and women are going to enjoy the excitement of fictional game from the Harry Potter universe. And it has grown into a very popular sport, which to date, there are hundreds of teams around the world. The expense and rules of the game are the same as in the movie, only without the spells and flying brooms. It’s been six international Championships Quidditch, and organization of the game deals with the international Quidditch Association (International Quidditch Association IQA).

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