Top 7 men’s sex fantasies

1. Hot twin sisters

The twin sisters have always been favourites of the male sex fantasies. It’s not just a Threesome, it’s something like «two for one». Who would not?

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2. Hot school girls

Group half naked hot girls, accidentally knocked on your door. You’re alone in the house (chic home), around you these innocent fascinating creatures in short skirts… Who doesn’t fantasize?


3. Sexy nurse

Men do not like to go to doctors. But many nurses and young female doctors look very sexy… in a fantasy, of course. In life everything is much stricter. Sex with an attentive nurse who will examine you and gently or, on the contrary, imperiously touch… well, this fantasy is a frequent guest in men’s head.


4. Sexy flight attendant

Unlike women, men prefer not to create complex stories, to dive into a sexual fantasy. One of them just hanging out in the plane and carries drinks.


5. Sex in the Elevator

Many men fantasize about how to be a woman alone to kill her with his magnetism. Lift — the place (thanks to technology), where a completely unknown hot girl can’t resist the temptation — in your fantasies, of course.


6. Sex in the office

Surveys show that men spend half their lives at work, so naturally, it will be a reasonable enough place to spend part of your time for sex. Many dudes this fantasy has gone so far that they embody it in reality (more than 50 percent, according to some polls).


7. Sex in a public place

To be caught at the crime scene is exciting. Sex fantasy on the theme of sex in public places has a lot of options. The only negative thing in life in fact it is not so attractive (and even punished), as in your fantasies.


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