Top 50 gifts for the New year

We are very, very long time have made the list and finally finished it. Here are collected a variety of gifts — small, large, expensive and budget. We hope that you will find here something for their friends, relatives, and friends, and possibly for themselves. Read carefully and turn on the imagination — we could not cover everything you can give, so there maybe something missed. In any case, don’t forget to leave without the gifts of people around you — not the wisest decision. It is important to pay attention to everyone — it will pay off a hundredfold later.

Coffee machine

Make delicious coffee fast and easy — the task is not for everyone. It is better to shift it on the shoulders of technology. We are talking about a Nespresso machine — one of the oldest and most popular capsule coffee. They have rich functionality and specific characteristics: for example, the model DeLonghi EN 80 has automatic shut-off and filtering, heating capacity for the preparation of milk foam and a unique technology based mechanism. This gift will be appreciated by any coffee lover, because the capsule coffee makers not only brew cool, but also cool and stylish look.

Bean bag chair

Bean bag is a great gift for the man who loves comfort and convenience. In it you can relax or read a good book because it is very soft, comfortable and easily takes the shape of the body. You can buy it at a wonderful store Winnie the Poof, where you can find bean bags in different sizes, colors and from different fabrics. There are large and small beanbag chairs, stylish models, «Comedy», and for those who love to lie will fit bean bag chairs and huge pillows. In addition, this gift will delight the kids and will become their favorite place for gatherings and games. But if you want to please the adults, and works, you can see a transformer chair «Relax» — it is convenient not only to relax but to work.

IQ Puzzle

IQ Puzzle is a small puzzle in a stylish package that will delight with its complexity the younger generation. There are light, not very light, and there are very light versions of this puzzle. The challenge was to collect the puzzle pieces in the image depicted on the box. Such puzzles have a positive effect on the brain and stimulate the gray matter with which we struggle. If you give this to a child, then he won’t be problems with the geometry in the future, because the puzzle helps develop spatial thinking. Maybe he even can easily learn the Lobachevsky geometry or open a new equation differential topology. If you’re going to make an order, then order from 10 pieces or even all versions of the puzzle — they are inexpensive and fun solution to last longer.

Oil for beards

If the beard is, then it must be well-groomed and beautiful. This can help a dedicated tool for beard, based on the jojoba oil known for its nourishing, moisturizing and protective properties. It beautifully softens the hair and protects from harmful sunlight, wind and exhaust.

This oil makes the perfect beard, but also increase it! All because it contains chili pepper extract — a natural stimulant of hair growth. Pungent substances increase the blood flow to the hair follicles and stimulate their work. If you use it regularly, the beard becomes more dense and thick. Such a gift can be made as young friend, and harsh lumberjack — he’ll definitely appreciate this act of caring for your beard and become a little less strict.

Electronic Steadicam for smartphone

Thing is indispensable for anyone who leads an active lifestyle and loves to film her with the camera on my smartphone. Perhaps you’ve noticed that dynamic scenes in movies very smoothly is a credit to the mechanical stabilizers, which are installed on a camera. If we need the same smoothness, then the best solution is DJI Osmo Mobile. It performs the same role, but compact and is electronically controlled. For a smooth image corresponds to the three-axis stabilizer that will control all the excess movement and to compensate for them. But it is not limited to — the handle includes a joystick with which you can control the position of the smartphone and various modes of shooting. And the function Astive Track will allow you to track the image and automatically direct the camera at the desired object. In short, pretty damn cool thing.

A lava lamp

A lava lamp is a very wonderful thing — it has something magical. When they first came out, all of us begged my parents that. You can endlessly watch as the beautifully illuminated liquid undergone various metamorphoses. Lava lamp not only gives a sense of magic, but also awakens interest in science in children — this will be a great choice for those who want to acquaint the younger generation with the physics. Creative people it will also delight the pleasant light colors. Inspire a poet or novelist, like the designer and encourages the artist to new ideas. And it’s a great light, because falling asleep with him is easy and pleasant. In General, it is recommended to give the lava lamp to anyone who appreciates all extraordinary, bright and unusual.

Mug with World of Warcraft

Game universe Warcraft appeared already in ‘ 94 and still attracts people of all races and nationalities for their amazing atmosphere. On it, write books, make films and conduct international competitions. You definitely have friends who played WoW or DOTA, and maybe still play this game for all ages.

The most devoted fans went into this fantasy world, but alas, it is not feasible. But it is possible to transfer a part of the universe in our world! You can make a cool gift to world of Warcraft and get achivku «Best friend», if you will give him a mug of Gul’dan or the mogu’shan — we don’t know what these words mean, but they sure know your friend, so go ahead, before the New year remains very little.

Impression as a gift

If you want to give something that will be remembered for a lifetime, give the impression! In fact, they make up our lives. No need to invent anything — all the coolest experiences collected here. Familiar girls can give SPA treatments or Oriental massage, friends, quests, kart or master-class snowboarding, and with his girlfriend to go for a horse ride or to arrange her photo shoot. Those who love extreme sports, you can give the flight by plane or balloon, the course of snowkite rally on snowmobiles or motocross. If the eyes diverge, then just order everything and arrange unforgettable holidays for their friends.

Sound Blaster X7

Sound Blaster X7 external sound card. She has outstanding qualities and capabilities, which are not and will never be in the built-in sound cards. And it’s not only about the presence of NFC and Bluetooth 4.1 — we would be surprised if they weren’t. The card uses the latest Creative development in the field of audio enhancement, a private multi-core processor to convert the audio, powerful and efficient digital amplifier sound and lots of features that will allow you to customize every aspect of the sound while gaming or listening to music. Actually, for games and music and a DAC. X7 allows you to use the most high-end headphones and audio and is Converter language for conferences and game chat. Also, X7 has support for XBOX and PlayStation, so the game will not remain deprived. A number of technologies and it is difficult to list, let’s just say that this thing can really bring the sound to a new level.

Spyfall / find for the spy

This Board game will allow everyone to be in the shoes of a spy and special agent, who will uncover this mysterious person. The game resembles the well-known «Mafia», but interesting and does not require a master, and all actions take place in the conversation. Players find themselves in one of the zones, and should be a spy, and he must determine what the location is. All participants have to show knowledge of psychology, resourcefulness and creativity in asking and answering tricky questions. During the game, passions will run high, that will be a real test for endurance and intelligence of the players. To give Spyfall can be anyone and even myself to take to parties and meetings.

Collection tea blends

The Teabox company reverses the classical approach to the delivery of tea. She managed to get rid of intermediaries, importers and dealers. The tea leaves are in the company of a few days after the production, they carefully select, pack and send anywhere in the world. With this approach, the tea retains its own properties, original taste and aroma. As a gift that will be appreciated by all tea lovers, we would recommend festive collection blends in the kit can be found blended with calendula petals and roses, almond, vanilla and saffron. Tasty and unusual!

Sound system HEOS ONE

Music should be fun, but to appreciate the beauty of the sound, which lay musicians and composers in their works, only on good equipment. It is manufactured by Denon. Engineers and designers have developed amazing sound HEOS system ONE. It allows you to enjoy high-resolution audio and to feel the entire frequency range thanks to the mid-buffer, and high frequency dynamics, but also to do it in comfort. For wireless connectivity it uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker is easily controlled from a smartphone and able to connect to different music services. Until the end of the year, you can buy shares at the two speakers, thus saving nearly 10 thousand rubles. Two speakers are able to work both individually and in a mode of a stereo pair.


Buy some of the coolest watches in the world in «the clock House of the brothers of the Romanovs». Here you can find such famous brands as Rolex, Chopard, Longines and many others. Yes, there are such watch very, very much, but the big people have the opportunity to make expensive gifts. And if you’re generous millionaire, then you definitely need to look into this store. Well, if you’re on the road to wealth, in a special section you can find watches up to$ 1000, it is the amount of lift. These watches can give a very good friend or father. The lovely ladies here are also not deprived of attention in the shop a huge assortment of different decorations that will delight any girl.


No smartphone or camera will not allow you to take pictures that will be in your hands after a professional photo shoot. If you want to make one for your girls, then turn to the guys from photo Studio VEGAS. It has 6 shooting halls with decorations for all occasions. The interiors are totally different — from the wild West and ending with glamour. In addition, there is a team of creative stylists who can create original and interesting images. The photo shoot can give in the form of a gift certificate in a beautiful package and put a minimum of time spent. The process of shooting is insanely fun, so I advise you not to send my girl alone — better to be present, and even better, to participate. But photography is not limited. Guys do offsite photo and video shooting, shoot videos and give master classes. So any gift related photos and videos, what would you do in VEGAS can make a reality.

Headphones Listen

Music lover we can safely give a Listen headphones from Focal. Model Listen has positively established itself in the ranks of people who do not accept cheap sound. By the way the headphones can not boast of so great price. This is the rare case when the cost is much lower than the sound quality, which give the dynamics. They can safely listen to rock and orchestral compositions. Suited as a gift for the person who loves to stand out, Listen have a very calm design. Headband is of foldable design and easy to fold the Cup inside, that makes them quite compact. Another advantage of this model — balanced frequency. That is, they are very versatile and give the desired shades can be twisting the EQ.

Horizontal bar for home

Fitness clubs have become terribly popular, but, frankly, not all of them in use. If you want to bring the body back to normal or to improve health, it will be quite simple basic exercises that you can do at home, and a great addition and a kind of extension they can serve as a bar for the house. It will save time and money, and the number of available exercises allows you to pump almost any part of the body. All exercises can be done with a heavy, so as a gift it will suit those who purposely develops his body. Parents will be happy too home bar, because it’s the perfect option for bringing in the tone of the body and prevent various age-related diseases.

Wall housekeeper

We all periodically face the problem of finding the keys that are found in the most unexpected places and usually when we are somewhere in a hurry. You have to run around the room, check all pockets, look under the sofas and in the fridge. It is difficult to count how many times we’ve been late for work and events. So we can safely give wall housekeeper friends, relatives or simply forgetful people. It is at least two times a day will remind them of you. In addition, the key holders are different and not difficult to find matching interior. Also pay attention to the magnetic holder for keys and letters Magnetter — it looks very stylish and its design is quite versatile. It has a strong magnet, so it will withstand even large and heavy bunches of keys, and behind there is a place where you can put letters or Newspapers.

Game session in Virtuality Club

Virtual reality is closer than you think. Ray Kurzweil, a famous futurologist, predicts the exponential development of technologies in the next 10-20 years, until the creation of real artificial intelligence. It will take quite some time, and gamers will be playing BattleField or Gran Turismo without sitting in front of the monitor, but simply by downloading their consciousness into virtual worlds through the neurointerface Aki johnny Mnemonic. Well, now fellow gamers can give a session in the first club virtual reality Virtuality Club. Here you can experience all the latest helmets like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Playstation VR and Gear VR. Games for them very much and to play all will take little time. So I advise you to take a session of at least 30 minutes, then in a gift your friend will receive VR glasses Google Cardboard 2.0. But we have also prepared a gift for you: from this day, you can get up to 20% discount on admission to the Virtuality Club by the code word «». The Matrix has you, friend.

Holder for wine bottles

A beautiful and practical gift for the man who prefers fine drinks and in particular wine. Wine should be stored in an appropriate place, not in the fridge or on the shelf kuhonniy. This is especially true for people who collect wine or keep in reserve a few bottles of expensive wines in case of important negotiations. But the holder for the wine bottles will not only boast impressive wine collection is comfortable and beautiful. They look good in any kitchen or bar interiors and give them the right atmosphere. If you think this little gift, here you will find stylish champagne buckets, corkscrews, glasses and other accessories that are needed when strikes chimes and will begin new year’s fireworks.


How to make a gift to himself not know he was going to be like? Very easy to use the service «Surprising». You guys were the first in Russia and the CIS by implementing the idea of gifts. It works this way: you bought them a gift of a certain value, and they make up into beautiful useful and pleasant things for that amount. For example, it can be Board games, headphones, tents, blankets and various interesting trivia. You’re not gonna know what’s inside the box, while together with a person will not unpack it. And of course, the waiting and the unknown is very exciting. So it will be a surprise not only for him but for you.

The Finnish saw for ice

Fishing, especially winter, do only real men — is one of the oldest ways to get food. You definitely have to be friends who love fishing and the Finnish saw for ice is just essential thing for them. Its purpose is to cut the hole, and with this task it copes perfectly. The saw has a wooden handle, made of solid wood, has the factory sharpening of the teeth of 25 years and virtually unbreakable. And it’s easy to transport, it folds easily and has protective packaging, protects the saw from knocks. Give this saw a fisherman and he is going to give you a response of fish present.

Road cosmetic bag

An indispensable thing for travelers. Many girls tend to look good, wherever they were: at home, outdoors, camping, space exploration, and in the crater of the volcano. But to help them with this convenient and practical bag road. It is quite spacious and functional, inside there are 4 inside pockets, zip pockets, hanging hook and a mirror with Velcro. Everything a girl needs to store his entire collection of creams and bath things and go on a long journey or camping. So if you don’t want your girlfriend scared all the rhinos on an African Safari, then definitely give her a purse.

Banana Box

Banana Box — a service that will allow you to make a gift and do not know. The main difference and feature these guys from other similar services is that of the box-themed gifts. That is, you buy a box, for example, a banana-Boxing for boys SuperBoy or SuperGirl for the lady, guys will be different interesting and useful things, deliver where you want, and then you will only have to present this gift to man. Until the very last moment you will not know what is inside, so for you it will also be a surprise. In addition, there are such sets, as a Gadget for the geeks, Sweet Box for a sweet tooth Party Box — if you go to the party. You can even make a gift to your pet! Your dog sure will love it — you’re probably never congratulated him on the New Year. This set is called Cats&Dogs and you can order it yourself, because we still do not know that you’re a cat.

Doll Cartoon

Doll Cartoon is a small original doll is handcrafted by the artist for a specific person. The second one will not find, because it is absolutely exclusive. You can order this here. You need to choose one of the blanks available on the website that describes the person, to specify the color of eyes and hair, and send a quality photo of the face of a man, a statue which will make the sculptors. Often these models have a height of 20cm, and if you need a big and unique, you can order an exclusive design guys can do almost anything. The height of the doll can be 40 cm — this little where can do. So turn on the imagination, for sure you already have lots of ideas for such a gift.

Eye massager

Our eyes require care and this must not be neglected. This applies to all people, regardless of what they are doing. So it’s a good idea to give your parents or friends eye massager. Especially if they spend a lot of time at the computer, in books or smartphones. We stopped the model Axiom Eye massager is able to do vibration and compression massage, infrared heating, to generate an electromagnetic field and even play music. As they say — all included. Massager positive effect on the capillaries, reduces swelling and will not appear of fine wrinkles that will especially appeal to girls.

An electric skateboard

Everything in our world develops in a spiral, and the law is not bypassed scooters. They once again gained their popularity when they thought to insert the battery and the motor. It’s funny, but now the scooter began to reflect the essence of its name. We suggest you look to children’s models of scooters — they are affordable, beautiful and safe. For example, scooters series SAMBIT EHO will delight any child, because they are quite lightweight, just fold and, of course, quite clever. But not enough to give parents a heart attack. By the way the parents and all the lazy people can find in the store models of Segways for adults — they can go to work or to have family reunions in the parks.

Smoking pipe

Traditional classic Smoking has nothing to do with Smoking conventional cigarettes. Moreover, tobacco companies have made the process vulgar and unpleasant. Let it remain on their conscience, and we will recommend a real Smoking pipe. You can make a gift to someone not only Smoking, but also yourself. Especially if he smoke.

The pipe is primarily a tool that will allow you to feel the real taste of tobacco, to evaluate his personality and to enjoy the characteristic features of a particular brand. And it’s a great way to get rid of cigarette dependence or to rid their family and friends.

Chinese tea

Tea you need to drink to forget about the noise of the world us says Chinese proverb. I can’t disagree with that. And to drink it as well as in China, you can buy ceremonial sets of premium tea Tian Zhen in a beautiful wooden box. There sets include a teapot, mug, gaiwan, or cute figurines. And of course the tea itself is also included in the set. There is a classic for Russia black, green, milk Oolong, Puer, and if that’s not enough, you can buy the tea separately, such as Jasmine or ginseng Oolong tea. All who are not indifferent to China and its rich history and thousands of years of wisdom, will be pleased with this gift.


The smell does strange thing — we can easily find out who exactly was in the room, if this person uses the same perfume for a long time. In other words, the perfume provides a specific person highlight. Good spirits will appreciate any girl who is watching, what flavor comes from it. So I can safely give her perfume. You can see that she enjoys in the moment and buy the same or to strain my memory — perhaps some she remembered. But you can choose at their discretion. The smell of your girls like you, so there is nothing wrong to choose a perfume for yourself. You can do this in the online store Aromacode. To avoid confusion, you should consult a shop consultant who can suggest a good perfume just for your needs.

Smartphone Highscreen Ice Power Evo

The company Highscreen has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of high quality, affordable, and most importantly popular smartphone. For example, the model Ice Power the Evo has a battery 5000mach will be enough for at least two days with standard usage. The smartphone has a 5-inch HD IPS display , a good 4-core processor average level MT6737 MediaTek, 2GB RAM, supports 2 SIM-cards, GPS, Glonass and 4G. All this is enclosed in a housing with a thickness of 8.7 mm. Due to this thickness it is very comfortable to hold in your hand, unlike the super-thin smartphones. So it is a good gift for parents or perhaps grandmothers — it is time to introduce her to the world of technology and social networking.


Cigars are solid and brutal, but even they need care and careful storage. The fact that they can not keep long on the air because tobacco leaves tend to dry and dry, resulting in the deterioration of their taste properties. And to smoke it would be problematic. To avoid this, there is such a thing as a cigar humidor is a special locker for cigars in which is kept a perfect temperature and humidity. A humidor allows you to store cigars for a very long time and any man, indifferent to traditional Smoking should have such. So it will be a great gift, which, incidentally, can be purchased for yourself.

Portable grill

We love meat. We removed the steaks. We willing to sell our souls for a wonderful juicy piece of veal, usersinou the emerald grass of the pastures, which absorbed the force of the rain and the bright sunshine. If you’re like us, then you clearly need to pay attention portable grill. To cook the meat easier, and the options to create from a piece of meat a piece of art more than enough. In addition, the grill is quite compact, and it can take just about anywhere, in the Park or on the balcony!It runs on gas, which is very convenient and practical — one small bottle is enough to feed a crowd of hungry people. So the grill is a great excuse to gather friends and acquaintances together. You can buy it in the shop O-Grill, where you can not only find a suitable, but to find a bunch of delicious recipes.

Headphones Urbanears Plattan ADV Wireless

Wireless, beautiful and with excellent sound. DJs love them and they love everyone who loves bright and stylish things. Talking about Swedish headphones Urbanears Plattan ADV Wireless. They feature 40mm handmade drivers give rich quality sound that will appreciate any music fan. You can donate to a person who prefers such genres as techno, trance, house and other similar areas. But if he wants to share his music in the headphones he will find a special ZoundPlug port that you can connect another earphone to enjoy music together.

Set of cigarillos

Set of cigarillos will be a good gift to a Smoking person who feels that classic cigar monster too. In size they are slightly larger than traditional cigarettes made from this tobacco and wrapped in the cover sheet and are not afraid of moisture. Their cost is lower than that of cigars, so this is a great way to leave the cigarettes and feel all the charm of traditional tobacco Smoking.

Elite tea

Not just tea, and the fresh tea, which can be. In stores you can’t buy and find a company that would be able to bring tea directly from the plantations is very difficult. But we found it is called Vahdam. The company tea gets literally 1-2 days after it is collected. On the website you can order exclusive gift packs of teas, for example, «Christmas» or order species such as Nilgiri, Assam or Darjeeling. If you want to surprise your family and friends, it’s time to order, because shipping takes about 20 days.


On the streets more often you meet people that move not gyrometer. It not only looks cool, but also very convenient: it is easy to manage, no need to stand in traffic and easy to maintain. And they are rapidly getting cheaper. It’s time to give this thing to someone very lazy. You say ‘But it’s winter!». And we can say that there is a winter gyrometer, such as Smart Balance 9 offroad, which is not terrible neither snow nor ice. He is able to drive 20 miles, and charging takes only 2 hours. And to ride it with the maximum comfort, you can install a branded app on a smartphone — it allows you to monitor all indicators of gyrometer, to configure and route.

Figures of the characters

How to please gamers? Gaming bells and whistles cost a lot, but something nice to give anyway you want. In this case, you can look for cool figures of the characters of the famous game universes and movies. They are sold in Redpanda Shop store which is loved by all the gamers and the fans. Here you can find the figures from the world of Fallout, StarCraft, League Of Legends, Dota and many others. In addition, you will find here great gifts of movies and TV shows. The collection is constantly updated what shop carefully reported in their group in VK.

Handmade chocolates

What could be better than delicious chocolates? Only chocolates made by hand. If your friend is partial to sweets, it will be a great gift for her. But only a girl can know what the candy will like another girl. And the name of this girl Room. She studied the chocolate business from the best masters in the world and knows all about the sweets. If you watched the movie «Chocolate», you will find similarities between the main character Vien and Rumoi, because before the chocolates that make her confectionery no one can stand. Especially your girlfriend. Most importantly don’t eat it all myself!

Printing on clothing

Many of us want to stand out and look unique. Usually we do it with clothes , but in stores, as a rule, nothing unique. So the only option is to make your clothing unusual. We found a workshopwhere possible. The guys doing the printing not only t-shirts and hoodies, but also on sneakers.They order the certificate for any amount and vruci his friend in the workshop can make the printing according to the supplied drawings and photos, and can take the whole process under their own responsibility. And we would dare to trust them, because the guys have already made hundreds of works and has gained thousands of satisfied customers.

Wool carpet

Carpets have appeared thousands of years ago. Even before Jesus. And they can also be somewhere to nail, such as a wall, as did our grandmothers, but it looks much more organic. Richard Dawkins gave a standing ovation and reports that a good wool carpet will be a perfect decoration in the house. And carpets have an awesome property to make a home more comfortable, you can not say about the tile or the floor. They are very soft, fluffy and pleasant to the touch. Now you can find thousands designs and patterns of carpets that will fit into any interior, so it is a good gift and a way to decorate the house or apartment.

Bar chair

The original and not the usual gift. So exactly you get for the man who spends every night at some colorful bar to move a piece of a unique atmosphere in an apartment or a house. Of course, you should purchase several of these chairs for a complete set. But if you still think it’s an amazing gift, the confidence can tell that a lot of people on their balconies and loggias bar area for spiritual gatherings and parties. And some turn into the bar’s kitchen — it looks very cool and authentic.

Well, there is one more important point — on this chair feel a little differently. More relaxed and yet master of the situation. If you have a friend with the Royal manners, he will definitely enjoy this gift. Find a cool bar stools in the online store, Romitti — here principle the sold by virtually all of the bar paraphernalia. So be sure to look to other categories of goods, may be you have some more original ideas.

Delicious tea

If you give tea, just unusual. For example, ginger-tangerine, tea, mulled wine or herbal tea. Such you can buy in online store tea. Ginger tea relieves stress and muscle pain, herbal gives lightness and good mood, tea and mulled wine will warm even the coldest day. All teas are Packed in beautiful gift wrapping and will make a great gift for all Chelubai. And if you need a gift more, then immediately take a set of «greetings from Santa» tea is never too much.

Player FiiO X1II

FiiO is a brand that constantly delights us with cool models portable audio. One of the latest developments — player FiiO X1II, which is quintessential of style and good sound. One of his prednaznacheni music in lossless format. The ears of any audiophile will love it — no smartphone can not compare with him in sound, and the presence of bluetooth 4.0 will allow you to listen to music comfortably and practically do not lose in quality. Speaking of ergonomics — it LEGO fits in a pocket, and is operated via a unique touch wheel, which has a very high reliability, increased mobility and sensitivity. The body is made of metal, so breaking him will be problematic. This is a great gift for any person who can not live without music, and which lacks the audio capabilities of smartphones.

Christmas pillows, tablecloths

To create a festive atmosphere. For example, eloquently about the holiday say Christmas tablecloth — it will not only create the right mood, but to sit at it much more pleasant. And of course, new year’s dishes such not ashamed to put. Colors and patterns a lot, so you just have to choose and give, for example, mother, grandmother or your girlfriend. Buy in store PinkBus. There you will find pillows, paintings and posters with colorful prints and drawings. If we are to create a Christmas atmosphere, we have to do it all over the house.


Surely you have a friend who raschityvaet things around the house, and maybe even on the floor. Maybe he is just lazy, or maybe he recently moved into a new apartment where nothing yet. We have a friend there and we’re going to give him the hanger. For inogoda such things are simply necessary, but the benefits they bring a lot. It’s better to say that such things and make our lives easier and more convenient. Be sure to watch and other accessories and household things and think that this can be useful in everyday life — will certainly find many ideas for a gift.

Set for whiskey

What could be better than a pleasant evening with a good companion and a good whiskey? If you like, and we think that these evenings should be more, pay attention to a set of whiskey — inexpensive and a nice gift for alcohol lovers and connoisseurs of intelligent conversation. It includes two glasses and stones. Why are there rocks? you can ask. Then that they are much more convenient than ice, and such a solution looks unusual. Store them in the freezer and when you need to cool the beverage — just take it out and throw instead of ice. The stones are made of soapstone, and allow you to keep the cold much more efficient water, and whiskey, for example, will remain cold for 30-40 minutes. They are absolutely safe and their shelf life is not how it is limited.


A tool that can unite people and give great mood, great company, and to brighten up the evening alone. Of course, this guitar. We would advise you to take the acoustic, as it gives much more possibilities in terms of sound and techniques of the game. You can just beat on the strings and yell Civil Defense, and you can arrange a concert, if you master the technique of fingerstyle and turn the guitar into a miniature drum kit. In short, picking just weight, important to be able to use it. As a gift to budding musicians will suit inexpensive but very high quality guitars, such as Fender, which in principle does not make bad guitars. But professional guitarist will appreciate twelve-string guitars or even a custom guitar.

Symbol of the year

The year of the Rooster is very close and it is time to purchase symbolic gifts for this holiday. Very nice and bright symbols of the coming year can be found in the online store KinderPark. Remarkable figurines rooster, you can give everyone you meet during the holidays. You can give them to friends, parents, colleagues at work — this small, but very warm gift are happy to receive all. You can even try on the image of Santa Claus and just go down the street and handing them to passers-by! They are not expensive, and therefore, it is better to buy more to go around. Children will like the plaster chickens — they will be able to access the artist within and paint the figures yourself, so don’t forget to buy paint!

Cute gift set

Small but useful gifts are appreciated much more than expensive and unnecessary. Understand it in the store Kawaii Factory and offer a whole set of useful things to different people. For example, making travelers «Traveller Box» girl «Silver Box», and young girls are «100% Kawaii». As you have already guessed what is in these sets infinitely dear and will please people who are not indifferent to anime or manga. For guys there is a set of «Real Men Box», and those who work in the office will come in handy «Box Office».

In the boxes you can find sleep masks, covers for documents, gift tea, stickers and many other things. If you do not know what to give, then these sets are good, warm gift for the new year.

How to save on gifts

Here is almost 50 gifts, and we sincerely hope that you will find among them something for their friends, relatives and acquaintances. And even if not, after reading you probably came a thousand ideas for gifts. To spend all that money on gifts is not the best solution, but the costs will be considerable, so we found a way to save money by using cashback-SERVIS, Smarty.Sale.

Everything works very simple: you register, categories, stores find it necessary, go and make an order. Depending on the shop and order, you will receive a certain percentage of funds or a fixed amount back to your account. This amount can be reused or simply withdraw from the system. The service works with more than 600 stores, such as Ebay, Aliexpress, Gearbest, Ulmart, Lamoda and many others. So you should only choose products that we hope you will be fine. And if you want to earn some money, I recommend the service to friends and acquaintances — if they register by your referral link, with each purchase you will receive the funds. So the New Year can be profitable.

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