TOP 5 Women’s fears of her husband

manygoodtips.com_1.04.2014_1lZebr6MeB8GaArticle about male fear of the female sex found many responses in the hearts of men and women. Mithun wrote everything truthfully and accurately, but a lot of girls and friends persistently asked to write an article about women’s fears of men in relationships. That’s what we have decided to do. It is necessary to mention that women’s fears and men differ in the specificity of women’s peace and education. Life, as they say, that determines consciousness. But the same fears that happen to men also common in women, but in much lesser extent. Girls are also afraid to get a rejection when trying to come to us. Girls are afraid of really tough guys with a bright appearance because they think they are getting away from them with alarming ease. They are afraid to disappoint us, despite the widespread belief that they are currently too high opinion. Betrayal and loss of freedom, they are also afraid. But there’s something else. I may catch a couple of angry comment, but someone has to say it.

1. «I was kept»

Not so long ago the wife dropped me a link to a terrible women’s forum. The wife said that the horror and idiocy in the life did not see in this thread. And she was right. In a nutshell, the girl requested of the Board of zavsegdataya forum in a very delicate matter. Her boyfriend, with whom she is living (she sometimes buys food and gifts for «your man»), asked her to pay (Oh, the horror!!) for the Internet for the simple reason that the terminal with the ability to pay was closer to the girl. The girl in all seriousness asked the girls from the forum will not take the young man on her neck after she paid for Internet as much as 500 rubles! The first page of the discussion was a Frank banter quite adequate girls in the spirit of: «well, well! Today, he will ask you to pay for Internet, and tomorrow will ask to buy a roll of toilet paper! Girl, run while you can!» But on other pages there were any specific woman, who earnestly began to say that to pay for the Internet is the first step to «I was». «First the Internet, then utilities, and then pay the rent!» — outraged one. «So you give him the care and love that he needs!?» But most often met: «You live with him together! So let get married first, and then manage your money!» So I quickly realized that fear is to include a dude in women is huge. Blame the endless stories about Gigolos, the fear that he will leave with all the funds, a pot of geraniums and a cat from you. In addition, do not forget about the mother of the girl, whose constant «I Must get married! Your money is only your money! They have to hide from husband! Don’t trust anyone» — can ruin any girl. Especially if the mother in the past and I broke up.

What to do: if you have a head on your shoulders, you will quickly discover when you want to sit on the neck, and when asked to do something. When a man is not paid for you in the café or asked to buy a carton of milk after work — this guy is not a gigolo. In the first case, he may not be interested in you as a girl, but with the second everything is clear and child. That’s when you’ll have it constantly ask for money for petrol, iPad and a new video card, and you’re constantly going to give them, then you can still think. Don’t forget that in the real world «I was» to blame girl: nefig to afford this.

2. «I’ll show him TA»

From a comment to this post it became clear to me that many girls are scared afraid to look strange and show that they are interested in something other than tights, manicures and shopping. The whole point is that girls are confusing the concept of «TP» and «enthusiastic about something the girl». Last like everyone, because they are interesting. If someone they don’t like it for two reasons: guys are afraid of confusing them girls or girls really put themselves clever and banal TP.

What to do with it: keep it simple. You can take this article and apply it for themselves.

3. «He won’t marry me!»

So, the most common fear of women in relationships. One clever man said that all women want to get married, but to different degrees. Actually, it is. On the proposal of marriage would agree 99, 999999999993 % of girls. Not only agree lesbians, staunch opponent of marriage, girls with psychological trauma and those who believe that marriage always spoils relations.

If the girl does not want to marry the idea and fulfil its «great mission», she will consider the marriage step to serious relations. For normal girls marriage is just a new level in the relationship, not the accomplishment of the great mission. She’s more interested in the young man, and not a wedding and marriage. And this is the right approach, because what the hell, fine.

Any adequate person understands that marriage is not a panacea. Cherished print changes only those people who pretend to be nice and understanding. I personally have not felt any change at all. All was well, everything was absolutely after. No change. But some people seriously believe that the new social status may give you some unrealistic buns that automatically make them better mentally, physically and generally. Now you can not samosovershenstvovaniya myself to eat three throat, and not a damn thing to do.

Even adequate girl could catch this disease. For this I must say thank you mum, girlfriends and the «wise older women». These bad people can make a girl think if a guy lived with her for a certain period of time and not dragged to the registry office, he just uses her. The period may be different: some five years and some six months (!!). In the girl’s head, something breaks and she turns into an obsessive stamp lady. My friend lived for two years with one such person. Apparently, in the mind of ladies clicked cherished the counter, and she started to follow the guy, constantly arranging his scandals, he still needs her to get married because «it’s time»! Of course, after a long perverted sex with his brain, comrade kicked the lady with a terrible scandal. However, it is adequate to call her could not be had.

What to do with it: marriage is not a panacea. Marriage was given something only in the pre-revolutionary era. Its main use is to solve legal and property issues. Children can write in their name. Divorce — it is fast and cheap, so all the basic buns marriage will be void. If you, lady, marriage need to show off to my friends and to calm the mother, just say so.

4. «He’s with me just because!»

Most girls are afraid that will use them. It’s a shame in front of friends! General most girls do not understand that some relationships don’t have to go, and that’s fine. In 14 years, they believed that kissing the garages lead to marriage and children, and in 26 they believe that the guy she met at a bar and went home to be in her life someone. Blame CzW. «How dare he treat me so to do!» and stuff like that. The girl begins to feel like a prostitute if the relationship does not lead to anything. Or is it nothing got: proximity to the body of severe male or material benefit. But most often it is a trivial blow to the ego: «I’m a Princess, you can’t do this! So you can only do with other girls!» The idea that it can be convenient, not out of love, overwhelms the ladies. Even when everything points to lack of love and relations in terms of convenience, they don’t want to face the truth.

What to do: understand that not all relationships are what are. But if what they brought, it does not mean that it is time of happiness.

5. «He’ll think I’m a whore»

Why do you think a woman will you in every way you can stand up to a certain time: up to five, three, ten dates? She has a specific fear — the fear of being branded a prostitute. Hell, and every girl has her own indicators of «slutty behavior». They are so different that for some prostitute that gave on the first date, for others — the one that first calls for the third — the one that had sex before marriage. Dmitry Conclusions tried to understand how looks like a real prostitute. It seems that even happened.

What to do: first, stop thinking about what others think. All still not please everyone. If you’re not all in a row like a heroine of the film «Nymphomaniac» and not have a terrible relationship from a relationship, everything is fine.

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