Top 5 wireless speakers

A regular in our view, things often have a huge impact on us. Take, for example, sound. Different frequencies interact completely differently. Some frequencies are euthanized, the others cause fear, and others — indigestion. Therefore, selection of the columns to the mind is not only sound quality, but the impact on our body. Wireless, by the way, affect it even more — at least you won’t trip over the wire, hitting his head on the wardrobe.

Creative Sound Blaster ROAR SR20A


When you look at this crumb the size of a typical book Allen Carr does not seem that this box is able to fill the all-pervading sound of a huge audience, like a massive sound system. It’s as if you expect that suddenly Vitas will perform the role of the soloist Slipknot his voice. But the name speaks for itself — the roar of the «lion» will make your goosebumps to timurovtsy back under the skin, Spasova front range 47kH — 20kHz and an output power up to 30 watts.

The main advantage of CSB’s always a price and the physical, because the counterparts are clearly larger in size and more expensive. The rest is the usual, and at the same time an ideal column for use anywhere in the world.Inside fit five speakers with two powerful amplifiers and a built-in subwoofer. Box supports codecs AAC and aptX, NFC-enabled, has an MP3 player, voice recorder and speaker, and still has Bedtime listening mode, USB Sound Blaster, siren, and Link Security function for configuring the various usage scenarios of Bluetooth. It works on the battery capacity of 6000 mAh for up to 8 hours on batteries or almost infinite USB power supply or from the network.

If the filling was a little worried about you, here are a couple of functional bells and whistles. First, you can combine two speakers ROAR (and any other) and apply pants from ultra-stereo sound that will make your neighbors think about installing concrete walls. Secondly, from this column you can charge your smartphone or completely replace it — it is also supported by «hands-free». And to tie the column and smart enough that they touched each other or zakonektitsya via Bluetooth. In General, speakers seldom get awards, but this was awarded Red Dot Award 2014 for the combination of minimalistic design and technology accurate sound reproduction. That sounds impressive.



If you want to be a good lecturer, but a hat and a whip you don’t go — bring in the audience for this instance and click «play». Attendance is guaranteed, and success in freshmen. If to speak about appearance of the device, it is urban smaller version of those boomboxes that were popular in the 90s — a convenient top handle, a few connectors in the back, nice form droplets on the sides and a weight of 3 kg. HEOS will sound well in large and medium-sized rooms, filling them with luscious ambient sound.This effect gives a 4 amp power class-D supply power to a pair of mid bass speakers and pair of tweeters that reproduce the high frequencies. As for the acoustic optimization of low frequencies in the body has a passive radiator. The connectors are quite functional: USB, AUX, DC and the network adapter. Also, the back is the Bluetooth indicator.

A distinctive feature of HEOS that music can be played not only with devices via Bluetooth, but also with cloud services. Plus together with column, you can set the eponymous app that will allow you to control the column from any corner of the house. However, if the design of the column is not satisfied, then she has friends like the HEOS 3 — more information can be found on the website


Another crumb that shape and design is reminiscent of a typical travel mug or tumbler. The weight of her as the full mugs — 835 g. Inside, though, not tea or even liqueur, and powerful enough stuffing. 14 — a symbiosis of two 7-watt speakers that play the whole available frequency range. Quite a useful thing for fitness training — put it in your backpack or bag and turn it on 8 hours, good battery, 4000 mA/h allows.

In another MDI also keeps the brand and offers such features as Bluetooth speaker allows you to enjoy music in stereo without connecting to the sound source directly through the wire. For all other cases included AUX cable.Thanks to the «hands-free» to answer phone calls hands-free. And even in the presence of vital «power bank», allows you to charge your smartphone or tablet. Actually, this is perfect when going outdoors, and need a fairly powerful source of music. The column is designed for the «active» life and are ready to go in any journey.

InterStep SBS 120

Going on a hike with fun company, you need to take three key things: socks, for protection and good music speaker. And if the first two paragraphs of problems rarely occur, then the third should be approached with the mind. A real column in the journey, not only have to have a decent sound and resistant to natural disasters. Take, for example, InterStep, which is clearly intended to meet the needs of the most avid hiker.

The small size of SBS 120 not only contribute to the capacity of the backpack, but lightweight — trailers column special mounting to a bag or bike, you can please all of his companions. Many will help in this regard, the location of the columns that cover the entire side surface in 360 degrees. The surface is very resistant to external influences, in particular moisture and dust. Also included is a remote control with Velcro — it can be placed on the bike near the shifter. In short, a useful thing, which has keys Play/Pause and navigate through the tracklist, and a button to answer a call and «laksana».

In turn, these indicators are not too affected internal component: 2500 mA/h, 8W dual drivers and a 1.5″ neodymium magnets, which are suddenly quite well playing bass and evenly distribute sound to 8 hours. The column to cope with the other responsibilities of modern analogues — connects to devices via Bluetooth and function as Hand»s Free. Connector for a flash card, AUX and Micro-USB are also available. If you don’t care about these minimum specifications and just enough background music during the assault of mount Elbrus — the price is appropriate.

InterStep SBS 160


Otherwise, there is a steeper option — InterStep SBS 160. He almost all indicators long passed puberty, so that the «voice» don’t worry — «pseudo-subwoofer for more bottom clean at maximum volume works fine. If the version Mini only 8 watts, it is here twice. Also built-in battery operates at 6000 MA/h (almost 2.5 times more), there is a PowerBank with a current of 2.1 A (can charge the device). And a small bonus in the form of additional 3.5 mm line‑in cable release. Advanced features — advanced dimensions. InterStep SBS 160 larger than its little brother and weighs two times more, but its price is only 1.5 thousand rubles more expensive.

Oh, and I almost forgot! If you’ve already made your choice in favor of columns Interstep, we have a surprise for you — a coupon code that will give 25% discount on the website. «007» — just remember, apply it in the cart or whisper to the Manager on the phone (don’t you tell anyone!).

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