Top 5 useful apps

Don’t know what we would do without smartphones. Probably, all the same, just a slow, unproductive, and without any amenities. Only thanks to them and the applications that create creative developer, we have the opportunity to solve hundreds of problems and challenges that we face in life. Many applications do open up for us new dimensions in communication, work and entertainment, which we never thought of. Not all of them are equally necessary, but we found you some handy and useful applications.

1. AliRadar

Without further ADO let’s say that AliExpress is a cool thing. Consider, there’s half of Russia purchased. The other half doesn’t know what is purchased there, just through intermediaries in the face of our stores. Anyway, if you are in the first half, you know that there purchase is associated with certain risks, because the Chinese are smart-ass do not miss the opportunity to invent or unscrupulous to cheat the customer. So just leave it be, and we know how to protect you and your parcel. Help us in this app AliRadar. It allows you to quickly and easily see the reliability rating of the seller, which is formed on the basis of:

  • the period of stay seller on Ali
  • overall rating in the system
  • quality of communication with customers,
  • matching the description of the goods,
  • speed shipping of goods
  • the percentage of dissatisfied customers.


So you instantly know whether to buy a product from a particular seller. In addition, the application allows to see the dynamics of commodity prices — this gives you the opportunity to determine if the seller is fake discounts, pre-inflating the price a few days before sales or holidays. The online community is still outraged about the huge number of such cases on Black Friday. Therefore, to buy not only safe but also profitable, the developers should consider adding any products to favorites — the program will notify you when the price drops. If you’re a frequent guest on Ali, check you’re going to shop for fake discount.


2. Smart Search

And to be honest, the standard Chrome and Safari on a smartphone is not very comfortable. And when you do not like something in this life — do the task himself. Here’s a simple idea motivated the developers of the Smart Search when you created your convenient and functional browser. What are its advantages?

First, the main feature is a smart search bar. We already heard, but here she’s really smart. It allows you to drive the desired query, and then see what to give you for different services, sites and search engines. For example, the score «Krystal Boyd», you see the results on Yandex, make a swipe on the cap at the top of the window — and that’s before you the results on YouTube; with another wave Facebook, Twitter, Google and so on. It is really a convenient and elegant solution that saves a lot of time. By the way, all the «searches» can be edited.

Generally, in the browser all sorts of useful stuff — such as ad blocker, read-only and configurable home page. Or, for example, the reading list, which is convenient to defer the sites that you want to read in the future. Customizable page with widgets, incognito mode, themes, and zoom text. Browser get used immediately — it is not overloaded with unnecessary features, and everything is convenient and intuitive. Guys are constantly upgrading Smart Search and listen to wishes for whats app and gets 5 stars from 90% of users.

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3. Forty Five

Most of the apps for Dating has a fatal flaw: you can not see and can not hear the interlocutor, as he did you. Have to rely on photos and text. It is not very convenient and not as efficient as communication in reality. Actually, for the human evaluation, we use a lot of their sensors, and we are deprived. Completely the other way went app Forty Five. In fact, it is Dating with geolocation and video. That is, you find a human up close and watch his videos. Similarly, find you. If you both liked each other, it is possible to make an appointment.

It’s much easier than a multi-day correspondence. The developers of the program claim that, on average, from the beginning of this videosnasty and until the appointment is only 15 minutes. You can also see requests for a meeting with you, to celebrate those who liked it, and to make an appointment. Most videos are recorded before the filing of the application, which means that a person on it you will see almost in real time. In short, a very interesting and handy app for those who are looking for new people and not afraid to show themselves on camera.


4. SkidkaOnline

90% of the stores carry out regular stock and make good discounts as soon as there is a reason, and that’s good. But to keep track of all — a big problem, because large stores of hundreds and small thousands. Hunting for a discount on a specific product in one of the shops can be infinitely long, will be much more useful to have at hand a convenient tool that collects information about the best deals from all stores. And tools such is — SkidkaOnline. You can use both the Web version and install the application on the smartphone, the functionality is identical.

SkidkaOnline know about the best prices for equipment, baby products, furniture, building materials, sporting goods and many other things. The application collects information about discounts and promotions in more than 500 retail chains of Russia and 40 000 stores, many of which you know. All products conveniently categorized, it is possible to add any item to your wishlist, leave reviews and likes so that you can know the opinion of users about the product. Posts about new promotions can receive push messages and to constantly go into the app do not have. The app works in the 2000s settlements and has a built-in map with the addresses of all stores. Using SkidkaOnline can be a real salehunter’ohms.



Shopping never miss a chance to provide us with discount cards, the number of which some fans to go shopping passes for the tens, and sometimes hundreds. To carry around with you is inconvenient, impractical — it is much easier to transfer them to your smartphone. For this purpose, we offer you to use the app ZR.CARD is an universal image for all your discount cards. All you need to do is specify the name of the store and scan the barcode via the smartphone camera, and here she is in the program memory. Just come into the store, show the seller and get the discount. Cards can be shared with friends — for that you’ll get points that can be converted into rubles and put into your card. The developers of the program are cooperating with many famous shops that delight users ZD.CARD frequent bonuses and discounts. For installing application you will receive a 100 discount and bonus cards, which you can immediately go shopping and save their money.


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