Top 5 unusual gifts for a fun bro

Dude, if you have a good bro who has a lots of Hobbies, just crazy recommend that you choose one of these gifts when he will have a festival. Why? Because they are all wildly unusual and will go for an unusual gift much more than a mug with some «smart» words.

1. The ice chess.

Slogan to these things says, «Win before they melt». It’s chess for a quick game. The kit really only includes the forms for making ice: for black and white figures. Board the kit is not provided. There is such joy of geek only $ 10. Full of joy pants, man!

gifts for cholovіkіv2125774851

2. Mail bag for the Dyson.

Explain not enlightened people what role-playing games are quite long and difficult. But we will say only that in this chainmail bag is necessary to store the cubes with a large number of faces. If your bro is keen on a Desk or field role-playing games, he will appreciate this gorgeous gift. You can buy for $ 15.

gifts for cholovіkіv0494024307

3.Zombie bowling for your desktop.

Poor poor zombie who only does not destroy! And cutting them up with chainsaws and shotguns shoot and blow up! Now they can charge more and a bowling ball. 10 hegley and the two little balls — that’s the whole kit! Play, however, will succeed only on the table and apparently just the two of us, but stylish look to the room. To buy such a beautiful gift is just $ 20.

gifts for cholovіkіv1189781057

4. The ball with the shock to play «hot potato».

Bro, remember the game » hot potato since childhood? There is always someone cheated, not letting go of the ball when over the score. Now this will not happen, because if the ball is «overexposed» in his hands, he pretty hurts chopped current. So quick to throw and hope you hit someone else. The strength of the current, by the way, can vary quite randomly. The ball «understands» when he’s in the air and puts on a zero mechanism of reference. Such a thing will cost you, friend, $ 16.

gifts for cholovіkіv1353585174

5. «Manual» Tetris.

Tetris played by everyone living in this world. And this Tetris interactive. After all, ever have to tear his eyes from the monitor. This thing is $ 28 and full of joy pants.

gifts for cholovіkіv1581195081

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