Top 5 men’s fears in front of a woman

Strange things are happening. When I was a kid in school the other boys could beat the girls, well, certainly not by brute force, and so, childishly, for example to throw snowballs or something to show their physical superiority. In General, courage and daring enough. But when you become a grown man, what the hell, all that courage disappears when it comes to girls.

Of course, not all men fear women, but will not be mistaken if I say that there are many. It is necessary then to fix it. So, the top 5 men’s fears in front of a woman and how to overcome them:

1. Fear of rejection


We don’t like defeat, we always like to win. Sometimes, in order not to fail, we just refuse to fight. No fight — no losers (the winner way either).

What to do: nothing. Dude, if you get rejected, nothing catastrophic will happen. The stars, as before, will turn on and off, our Earth will rotate, the pyramids and earlier will stand, and your boss will put you to work. After receiving a rejection from one girl, you just increased your chances to try happiness with others. Even if 10 girls fail, 11 will surely be yours.

2. She’s too good for me

Fun fact, we are afraid of beautiful, intelligent, successful, independent women because they think that they have too high demands. But these girls are most often alone. And not because they are too picky, just avoid them all.

Solution: it’s your chance. Very beautiful girls are not always the most intelligent, if you are far from the ideal of male beauty, produced on her the effect of his intelligence, erudition and sense of humor.

3. I disappoint her


We don’t like to be disappointed, but most of all we don’t like to disappoint. I asked a girl out on a date, calculate the steps for the future and start to worry that if you don’t like her in sex? Not knowing that you would have sex with her, you’re afraid of the consequences.

Solution: humble yourself. You see, even if you’re perfect, you’re still something to disappoint her, as she you. Be prepared for the fact that you would sooner or later disappoint. If this happens once, then even better, then you will not hear what she spent on you the best years of his life.

4. She ever would cheat on me


Cheating is very nasty stuff. It can hurt feelings, hurt your feelings and generally can drastically change your life. Because of the betrayal and the war happened. You’re even afraid to think about what your girl will betray you.

The solution: seize the day. Yes, and she could ever get fat, have gray hair, aging. Someday always saying something will happen. Maybe change, maybe not. Do you know what will happen tomorrow, then why worry about the distant future?

5. Fear of losing freedom


In childhood you were free, because dependent on their parents, but now, having become independent, you can finally decide how to arrange your life, what to eat, whom to be friends and all that jazz. Are you afraid that if you have a woman, then she will deprive you of your freedom.

Solution: surrender. First, freedom is overrated. You’re so nifiga not free. You’re still many things depend: from work, from friends, from relatives, and even fashion. You’re hardly free to choose something if there was not in this life, by and large. We are all free only some small things, nothing more. Partly, women are depriving us of our freedom, it is a fact. But if we are to be in captivity, it is better to let the woman. Surrender to her captivity without a fight and will get good nutrition, care and regular sex.

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