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Recently, the level of development of graphics allowed the developers to create models of the characters, not much different from real people. People’s needs are growing, and growing desire to see something totally different, grown up and beautiful. That actually would be nice to serve with a good plot and interesting gameplay. Sex in video games is the best way to sell toys, to attract the attention of an adult audience (and shkoloty) and to increase her rating. In the West, with the stars out really hard, friend, shkolote not so easy to enjoy scenes of love.

Not so long ago we had a good selection of the most dubious of erotic games. And some of our regular reader asked us to make a selection of the best of them. But for the most part it’s either all sorts of Tetris, or poker with pictures in the background, or simulators Dating, or weird Japanese hentai games. So we just decided to make the top best sex scenes from computer and video games. Just say: it is better not to watch these videos at work. Dangerous, I know!

10. Dragon Age: Origins

This game at the time, I was terribly pleased, unlike the second part. And the love scene hot elf and her companion-the bard Liliana takes pride in tenth place.

9. Heavy Rain

The game is very good Farenheit, unfortunately, did not work on the computer, so I have not played it. But the sex scenes, as always, is interactive.

8. Mass Effect 2

Love scene with unbearable hot Miranda, which, by the way, I always hated unbearable.

7. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Or rather, a mod for this game. Well, you probably remember the mod about coffee. Unfortunately, it was banned, drank, and Rockstar had to pay angry parents and all sorts of corporations really a lot of money. Although this mod is hardly a hot — when the level of graphics at the time…

6. Fear Effect II

Drawing hot love scene, what else is needed for happiness?

5. Witcher 2

A great Polish game «the Witcher» at the time jumps to obscenely high positions, and all because they were of sufficient quality. The second part was slightly worse, but still stubbornly continues to delight — at least that is cards give us a real love scene.

4. God of War: Ghost of Sparta

The old God of war and king of Sparta again shows what it means to be a real bro. I have personally counted in this scene eight girls. And you? And anyway, dude Kratos is not a battle of the war, and pornoblog.

3. Indigo Prophecy, aka Farenheit

Pretty good toy became famous in his time, the existence of sex at a temperature of -60 degrees Celsius. Tough guys.

2. Far Cry 3

Nobody expected this game to this degree, and it was the passion for good and sometimes revolutionary, and the heroine is just gorgeous.

1. Mass Effect 3

And again we coooper with the opportunity to fuck an alien. Commander Shepard this time a girl.

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